Metric Measure Sample Clauses

Metric Measure. Except where the original document, data or measuring device was in Imperial, and subject to any legislative requirement, in the event of a conflict between metric and Imperial measure, metric measure shall prevail. The Parties agree that the metric conversion rate to be used for purposes of this Agreement will be 1 foot equals 0.3048 meters, 1 meter equals 3.28084 feet, 1 hectare equals 2.47105 acres, 1 acre equals 0.40468 hectares.
Metric Measure. In the event of a conflict between metric and Imperial measure, metric measure shall prevail.

Related to Metric Measure

Performance Measure The specific representation of a process or outcome that is relevant to the assessment of performance; it is quantifiable and can be documented.
Mileage Measurement Where required, the mileage measurement for LIS rate elements is determined in the same manner as the mileage measurement for V&H methodology as outlined in NECA Tariff No. 4.
Interim Measures Any party to the Dispute may apply to a court in New York, New York, for interim measures (a) prior to the constitution of the arbitral tribunal (and thereafter as necessary to enforce the arbitral tribunal’s rulings); or (b) in the absence of the jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal to rule on interim measures in a given jurisdiction. The Parties agree that seeking and obtaining such interim measures shall not waive the right to arbitration. The Parties unconditionally and irrevocably submit to jurisdiction in New York, New York, for the limited purposes of an application for interim measures under this Section 20.1.11. The arbitrators (or in an emergency the presiding arbitrator acting alone in the event one or more of the other arbitrators is unable to be involved in a timely fashion) may grant interim measures including injunctions, attachments and conservation orders in appropriate circumstances, which measures may be immediately enforced by court order. Hearings on requests for interim measures may be held in person, by telephone, by video conference or by other means that permit the parties to the Dispute to present evidence and arguments.
Metrics The DISTRICT and PARTNER will partake in monthly coordination meetings at mutually agreed upon times and dates to discuss the progress of the program Scope of Work. DISTRICT and PARTNER will also mutually establish criteria and process for ongoing program assessment/evaluation such as, but not limited to the DISTRICT’s assessment metrics and other state metrics [(Measures of Academic Progress – English, SBAC – 11th grade, Redesignation Rates, mutually developed rubric score/s, student attendance, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) data)]. The DISTRICT and PARTNER will also engage in annual review of program content to ensure standards alignment that comply with DISTRICT approved coursework. The PARTNER will provide their impact data based upon these metrics.
Performance Measures 15.1 Attachment Performance Measures provides monetary payments for failure to meet specified performance standards. The provisions of that Attachment constitute the sole obligation of SBC-13STATE to pay damages or financial penalties for failure to meet specified performance standards identified in such Attachment and all other Attachments to this Agreement.
USAGE MEASUREMENT 61.1. Each Party shall calculate terminating interconnection minutes of use based on standard AMA recordings made within each Party’s network, these recordings being necessary for each Party to generate bills to the other Party. In the event either Party cannot measure minutes terminating on its network where technically feasible, the other Party shall provide the measuring mechanism or the Parties shall otherwise agree on an alternate arrangement.
Corrective Measures If the Participating Generator fails to meet or maintain the requirements set forth in this Agreement and/or the CAISO Tariff, the CAISO shall be permitted to take any of the measures, contained or referenced in the CAISO Tariff, which the CAISO deems to be necessary to correct the situation.
Performance Measurement Satisfactory performance of this Contract will be measured by:
Safety Measures Employees working in any unsanitary or dangerous jobs shall be supplied with all the necessary tools, safety equipment, and protective clothing when needed.
Taxation Measures 1. Except as provided in this Article nothing in this Agreement shall apply to taxation measures. 2. Nothing in this Agreement shall affect the rights and obligations of the Parties under any tax convention. In the event of any inconsistency between the provision of this Agreement and any such convention, the provisions of that convention shall apply to the extent of the inconsistency. 3. Without prejudice to the application of paragraph 2, the disciplines referred to hereinafter shall apply to taxation measures: (a) Article 7 (National Treatment) of Chapter 2 (National Treatment and Market Access for Goods) and such other provisions of this Agreement as are necessary to give effect to that Article to the same extent as does Article III of the GATT 1994; and (b) Article 106 (National Treatment) of Chapter 8 (Trade in Services), subject to the exceptions provided for in Article XIV letters (d) and (e) of the GATS, which are hereby incorporated. 4. The provisions of Article 133 (Expropriation) and Annex 9 (Expropriation) of this Chapter shall apply to taxation measures alleged to be expropriatory. 5. The provisions of Article 139 (Investor-State Dispute Settlement) apply with respect to paragraph 4 of this Article. 6. If an investor invokes Article 133 (Expropriation) and Annex 9 (Expropriation) of this Chapter as the basis of a claim to arbitration according to Article 139 (Investor-State Dispute Settlement), the following procedure shall apply: The investor must first refer to the competent tax authorities described in subparagraph 7(c), at the time that it gives written notice of intent under Article 139 (Investor-State Dispute Settlement), the issue of whether the tax measure concerned involves an expropriation. In case of such referral, the competent tax authorities shall consult. Only if, within 6 months of the referral, they do not reach an agreement that the measure does not involve an expropriation, or in case the competent tax authorities of the Parties fail to consult with each other, the investor may submit its claim to arbitration under Article 139 (Investor-State Dispute Settlement). 7. For purposes of this Article: (a) taxation measures do not include: (i) a customs duty; or (ii) the measures listed in exceptions (b) and (c) of the definition of customs duty; (b) tax convention means a convention, or other international arrangement on taxation, to avoid double taxation; and (c) competent tax authorities means: (i) for China, the State Administration of Taxation; and (ii) for Peru, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, or its successor.