Measuring device Sample Clauses

Measuring device. 4.1. The measuring device shall consist of two parts: one handle and one measuring part which is a load cell (see Figure 2).
Measuring device. A. Acceptable measuring boards include Fishing Online measuring board, NE Bassin measuring board and the Ketch Co Measuring Board, and/or other similar plastic and aluminum measuring boards. No rulers, onboard molded rulers, tape measures, etc.
Measuring device. The agree that a carbon monoxide made available when requested by Committee in a plant. EMERGENCY EVACUATION: evacuated.
Measuring device. Quantity: no. N/A Make/type: Deviation range: degree
Measuring device. Quantity: no. 1 Make/type: Totco Deviation range: degree 5º+ 10º

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  • Measuring DNS parameters Every minute, every DNS probe will make an UDP or TCP “DNS test” to each of the public-­‐DNS registered “IP addresses” of the name servers of the domain name being monitored. If a “DNS test” result is undefined/unanswered, the tested IP will be considered unavailable from that probe until it is time to make a new test.

  • Measuring EPP parameters Every 5 minutes, EPP probes will select one “IP address” of the EPP servers of the TLD being monitored and make an “EPP test”; every time they should alternate between the 3 different types of commands and between the commands inside each category. If an “EPP test” result is undefined/unanswered, the EPP service will be considered as unavailable from that probe until it is time to make a new test.

  • Network Interface Device 2.7.1 The NID is defined as any means of interconnection of the End User’s customer premises wiring to BellSouth’s distribution plant, such as a cross-connect device used for that purpose. The NID is a single line termination device or that portion of a multiple line termination device required to terminate a single line or circuit at the premises. The NID features two independent xxxxxxxx or divisions that separate the service provider’s network from the End User’s premises wiring. Each chamber or division contains the appropriate connection points or posts to which the service provider and the End User each make their connections. The NID provides a protective ground connection and is capable of terminating cables such as twisted pair cable.