Memoranda of the Rent payable Sample Clauses

Memoranda of the Rent payable. Whenever the Rent has been ascertained in accordance with this schedule, memoranda to that effect must be signed by or on behalf of the Landlord and the Tenant and annexed to this document and its counterpart and the Landlord and the Tenant must bear their own costs in this respect SIGNED on behalf of the Landlord: - : Witnessed by: - : : Authorised signatory

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  • Rent Adjustments 4.1 For the purpose of this Article 4, the following terms are defined as follows:

  • Rent Payments Tenant agrees to pay rent unto the Landlord during the term of this Lease in equal monthly installments of $ , said installment for each month being due and payable on or before the 1st day of the month, the first full rent payment under this Lease being due on the 1st day of , 20 . Tenant agrees that if rent is not paid in full on or before the day of the month, Tenant will pay a late charge of $ as allowed by applicable Ohio law. The prorated rent from the commencement of this Lease to the first day of the following month is $ , which amount shall be paid at the execution of this Lease. Tenant agrees that rent shall be paid in lawful money of the United States by (indicate those that apply): [ ] cash, [ ] personal check, [ ] money order, [ ] cashier’s check, [ ] other . Rent payments shall be made payable to and mailed or delivered to the following address: . All notices from Tenant to Landlord under this Lease and applicable Ohio law shall be delivered to the above address. Tenant agrees that rent monies will not be considered paid until Landlord or Landlord’s agent receives the rent monies, either by mail or by delivery to the above address. Tenant placing rent monies in the mail is not sufficient for rent to be considered paid, and rent will be considered unpaid until actual receipt thereof. If there are multiple Tenants signed to this Lease, all such Tenants are jointly, severally and individually bound by, and liable under, the terms and conditions of this Lease. A judgment entered against one Tenant shall be no bar to an action against other Tenants.

  • Base Rent Adjustments Base Rent shall be increased on each annual anniversary of the first day of the first full month during the Term of this Lease (each an “Adjustment Date”) by multiplying the Base Rent payable immediately before such Adjustment Date by the Rent Adjustment Percentage and adding the resulting amount to the Base Rent payable immediately before such Adjustment Date. Base Rent, as so adjusted, shall thereafter be due as provided herein. Base Rent adjustments for any fractional calendar month shall be prorated.

  • Rent Adjustment (a) If, solely as a result of Congressional enactment of any law (including, without limitation, any modification of, or amendment or addition to, the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, ("CODE")), the maximum effective corporate income tax rate (exclusive of any minimum tax rate) for calendar-year taxpayers ("EFFECTIVE RATE") is higher than thirty-five percent (35%) for any year during the lease term, then Lessor shall have the right to increase such rent payments by requiring payment of a single additional sum. The additional sum shall be equal to the product of (i) the Effective Rate (expressed as a decimal) for such year less .35 (or, in the event that any adjustment has been made hereunder for any previous year, the Effective Rate (expressed as a decimal) used in calculating the next previous adjustment) times (ii) the adjusted Termination Value (defined below), divided by (iii) the difference between the new Effective Rate (expressed as a decimal) and one (1). The adjusted Termination Value shall be the Termination Value (calculated as of the first rent due in the year for which the adjustment is being made) minus the Tax Benefits that would be allowable under Section 168 of the Code (as of the first day of the year for which such adjustment is being made and all future years of the lease term). The Termination Values and Tax Benefits are defined on the Schedule. Lessee shall pay to Lessor the full amount of the additional rent payment on the later of (i) receipt of notice or (ii) the first day of the year for which such adjustment is being made.

  • Tax Expenses Tenant shall pay to Landlord Tenant's Share of all real property taxes applicable to the Project. Prior to delinquency, Tenant shall pay any and all taxes and assessments levied upon Tenant's Property (defined below in Section 10) located or installed in or about the Premises by, or on behalf of Tenant. To the extent any such taxes or assessments are not separately assessed or billed to Tenant, then Tenant shall pay the amount thereof as invoiced by Landlord. Tenant shall also reimburse and pay Landlord, as Additional Rent, within twenty (20) days after demand therefor, one hundred percent (100%) of (i) any increase in real property taxes attributable to any and all Alterations (defined below in Section 10), Tenant Improvements, fixtures, equipment or other improvements of any kind whatsoever placed in, on or about the Premises for the benefit of, at the request of, or by Tenant, and (ii) taxes and assessments levied or assessed upon or with respect to the possession, operation, use or occupancy by Tenant of the Premises or any other portion of the Project. The term "Tax Expenses" shall mean and include, without limitation, any form of tax and assessment (general, special, supplemental, ordinary or extraordinary), commercial rental tax, payments under any improvement bond or bonds, license fees, license tax, business license fee, rental tax, transaction tax or levy imposed by any authority having the direct or indirect power of tax (including any city, county, state or federal government, or any school, agricultural, lighting, drainage or other improvement district thereof) as against any legal or equitable interest of Landlord in the Premises or any other portion of the Project or any other tax, fee, or excise, however described, including, but not limited to, any value added tax, or any tax imposed in substitution (partially or totally) of any tax previously included within the definition of real property taxes, or any additional tax the nature of which was previously included within the definition of real property taxes. The term "Tax Expenses" shall not include any franchise, estate, inheritance, net income, or excess profits tax imposed upon Landlord, or a penalty fee imposed as a result of Landlord's failure to pay Tax Expenses when due.

  • Direct Expenses 1. Fees and expenses of its directors (except the fees of those directors who are deemed to be "interested persons" of the Fund as that term is defined in the Investment Company Act of 1940) and the meetings thereof;

  • Payment of Operating Expenses Subject to the provisions of Section 6.08(c), Borrower will (i) pay the expenses of operating, managing, maintaining and repairing the Mortgaged Property (including utilities, Repairs and Capital Replacements) before the last date upon which each such payment may be made without any penalty or interest charge being added, and (ii) pay Insurance premiums at least 30 days prior to the expiration date of each policy of Insurance, unless applicable law specifies some lesser period.

  • Base Rent Adjustment (a) The BASE RENT (subject to adjustment as set forth in Section 1.08(a) above) payable during the EXTENDED TERM, subject to the provisions of part (b) of this Section 3.03, shall be increased from the BASE RENT payable immediately prior to the first month of the EXTENDED TERM to the then fair market rental rate determined in connection with part (b) of this Section 3.03.

  • Payments of Post-Closing Adjustment Payment of the Post-Closing Adjustment, together with interest calculated as set forth below, is due (i) within three Business Days of acceptance of the Closing Statement or (ii) if there are Disputed Amounts, then within three Business Days of the resolution of the Disputed Amounts. The Post-Closing Adjustment must be paid by wire transfer of immediately available funds to the account directed by Buyer or Seller, as the case may be. The amount of any Post-Closing Adjustment bears interest from and including the Closing Date to, but excluding, the date of payment at a rate per year equal to the rate of interest published by the Wall Street Journal as the “prime rate” at large U.S. money center banks. Interest is calculated daily on the basis of a 365 day year and the actual number of days elapsed, compounded daily. * Information marked with an asterisk herein has been omitted and filed separately with the Commission pursuant to a request for confidential treatment.

  • Tax Payments Each Company shall be liable for and shall pay the Taxes allocated to it by this Section 2 either to the applicable Tax Authority or to the other Company in accordance with Section 4 and the other applicable provisions of this Agreement.