Manner Sample Clauses

Manner. Any notice hereby required or permitted to be given shall be sufficiently given if in writing and upon mailing by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, to either party at the address of such party or such other address as shall have been designated by written notice by such party to the other party.
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Manner. This Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby may be terminated prior to completion of the Closing:
Manner. Will be accessed and used by User only in the manner expressly authorized permitted by the Trustee. User agrees that it will neither use nor permit use of the Website in any manner or for any purpose which is not authorized by the Trustee or which is unlawful or which is likely to cause damage or disrepair to the equipment, software, records or Website of the Trustee.
Manner. Unless otherwise agreed to by the Trustee, contributions to said Trustee shall be made only in cash. All contributions may be made in one or more installments.
Manner. (A) A warrant is executed by arresting the defendant. Upon arrest, an officer possessing the original or a duplicate original warrant must show it to the defendant. If the officer does not possess the warrant, the officer must inform the defendant of the warrant’s existence and of the offense charged and, at the defendant’s request, must show the original or a duplicate original warrant to the defendant as soon as possible.
Manner. (i) Each Party will make each payment specified in each Confirmation to be made by it, subject to the provisions of the Agreement.
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