Maintenance of Service Charges Sample Clauses

Maintenance of Service Charges. 1.14.1 The Distance Learning discount is in addition to the discounts for the underlying services provided. Temporary Suspension of Service (i.e. vacation service) discounts apply to the discounted rate for the underlying service. When CLEC resells Shared Tenant Service, CLEC will receive the discount associated with the underlying service used in the shared tenant arrangement.
Maintenance of Service Charges. Basic Time per half (1/2) hour $40.00 $40.00 Overtime per half (1/2) hour $80.00 $80.00 Premium Time per half (1/2) hour $120.00 $120.00
Maintenance of Service Charges. Arkansas 100% of retail Kansas 100% of retail Missouri 100% of retail Oklahoma 100% of retail Texas 100% of retail APPENDIX III TIME SENSITIVE JACKS/INSIDE WIRE INSTALLATION/REPAIR CHARGES RESIDENCE First 1/2 hr. Ea. adl. 1/4 hr. --------- ------------- ---------------- State-by-State 100% of retail 100% of retail BUSINESS First 1/2 hr. Ea. adl. 1/4 hr. -------- ------------- ---------------- State-by-State 100% of retail 100% of retail NOTE: Installation charges shall be billed at 100% of retail rates as structured state-by-state. Any changes to rates and/or rate structure shall flow through to LSP effective with the change to SWBT's retail customers.
Maintenance of Service Charges. Basic Time per half (1/2) hour Overtime per half (1/2) hour Premium Time per half (1/2) hour

Related to Maintenance of Service Charges

  • Maintenance of Services 5.1 Services resold pursuant to this Attachment and BellSouth’s General Subscriber Service Tariff and Private Line Service Tariff and facilities and equipment provided by BellSouth shall be maintained by BellSouth.

  • Maintenance Charges 3.1 The annual service charge for the Maintenance Service is payable annually in advance. Payment for services provided to the Customer in addition to the Maintenance Services is due on presentation of an invoice by the Supplier.

  • Service Charges No service charge shall be made for any exchange or registration of transfer of Warrants.

  • Unscheduled Maintenance Non-routine maintenance and repair of the Grantee Fibers which is not included as Scheduled Maintenance ("Unscheduled Maintenance") shall be performed by or under the direction of Grantor. Unscheduled Maintenance shall commence with respect to each Segment upon the Effective Date. Unscheduled Maintenance shall consist of:

  • Road Maintenance Purchaser shall maintain roads, commensurate with Purchaser’s use, in accor- dance with Road Maintenance Requirements in C5.31 and the Road Maintenance Specifications. Performance of road maintenance work by Purchaser may be required prior to, during, or after each period of use. The timing of work accomplishment shall be based on Purchaser’s Op- erating Schedule under B6.31. When two or more commercial users are simultane- ously using the same road where Forest Service is not requiring maintenance deposits, the commercial users will develop maintenance responsibilities and arrangements for accomplishing the work. Forest Service must agree to this plan. If the commercial users cannot agree on main- tenance responsibilities, Forest Service shall resolve the differences. If Purchaser elects to use different roads than those listed in C5.31, Forest Service shall determine Pur- chaser’s commensurate share of road maintenance and revise road maintenance deposits in C5.32. If Forest Service cannot perform its full commensu- rate share of road maintenance, Forest Service shall make a cash payment to Purchaser for performance of such work. Unless agreed in writing, prehaul maintenance shall be completed on any portion of road prior to hauling on that portion. Maintenance, as used in this contract, does not include road reconstruction or repairs of an extraordi- nary nature.

  • Scheduled Maintenance Maintenance window for disruptive work to Service will be limited 12:00 A.M. to 4:00 A.M., Central Daylight Time (CDT), any day with requirement of one (1) calendar week notification to Customer prior to maintenance. LightEdge will send an e-mail notification of such disruptive maintenance to Service to Authorized Contacts of Customer. Once notification is sent to Customer this will be considered a “Scheduled Maintenance”. Any Service SLAs will NOT apply during a Scheduled Maintenance.

  • Maintenance of Account In addition to, and not in lieu of, the obligation of the Securities Intermediary to honor entitlement orders as agreed in Section 3 hereof, the Securities Intermediary agrees to maintain the Account as follows:

  • Maintenance Outages If Seller reasonably determines that it is necessary to schedule a Maintenance Outage, Seller shall notify Buyer of the proposed Maintenance Outage at least five (5) days before the outage begins (or such shorter period to which Buyer may reasonably consent in light of then existing conditions). Upon such notice, the Parties shall plan the Maintenance Outage to mutually accommodate the reasonable requirements of Seller and the service obligations of Buyer; provided, however, that, unless Buyer otherwise consents, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld, no Maintenance Outage may be scheduled between the hour ending 0700 through the hour ending 2200, Monday through Saturday, during the time period commencing on May 15 and concluding on September 15. Notice of a proposed Maintenance Outage shall include the expected start date and time of the outage, the amount of Capacity of the Facility that will not be available, and the expected completion date and time of the outage. Seller shall give Buyer notice of the Maintenance Outage as soon as Seller determines that the Maintenance Outage is necessary. Buyer shall promptly respond to such notice and may request reasonable modifications in the schedule for the outage. Seller shall use all reasonable efforts to comply with any request to modify the schedule for a Maintenance Outage. Seller shall notify Buyer of any subsequent changes in Capacity available to Buyer or any changes in the Maintenance Outage completion date and time. As soon as practicable, any notifications given orally shall be confirmed in writing. Seller shall take all reasonable measures and exercise its best efforts in accordance with Prudent Electrical Practices to minimize the frequency and duration of Maintenance Outages.

  • Maintenance, Etc The Company will maintain, preserve and keep, and will cause each Consolidated Subsidiary to maintain, preserve and keep, its properties which are used in the conduct of its business (whether owned in fee or a leasehold interest) in good repair and working order, ordinary wear and tear excepted, and from time to time will make all necessary repairs, replacements and renewals as the Company may determine to be appropriate to the conduct of its business.

  • Planned Maintenance (a) Subject to any modification or amendment of this Agreement made pursuant to Section 4.2(c) or Section 7.3(d), Planned Maintenance occurring during the Delivery Term shall be coordinated and scheduled in accordance with this Section 9.6. Seller shall perform all Planned Maintenance (including Major Planned Maintenance) in a manner that optimizes the generation and benefits to Buyer of the Contract Energy, Storage Energy, and other Products (e.g., during off-peak periods and low-irradiance periods) and, without limiting the foregoing, either