Knight Sample Clauses

Knight. T.M. and Holt, R.D., 2005. Fire generates spatial gradients in herbivory: an exam-
Knight. Knight, as Tenant under the Lease, hereby consents to the assignment of the Lease to the Trust and the substitution of the Trust as Landlord under the Lease and agrees to render all performances required of the Tenant under the Lease to the Trust, as Landlord, and hereby accepts the Trust as the Landlord under the Lease.
Knight. The Committee will work with Piper Jaffray & Co., the Company’s financial advisor in connection with this process. “We are pleased to have reached this agreement with Ramius, which we believe is in the best interest of the Company and all SurModics shareholders,” said Robert C. Buhrmaster, chairman of the SurModics Board of Directors. “Through this agreement with our largest shareholder, we will be able to dedicate our full efforts and resources to enhancing value for all SurModics shareholders. Our Board and management team are committed to continuing to work hard on behalf of all SurModics shareholders and look forward to benefitting from the collective experience of our two new directors to build an even stronger future for SurModics.” “Our Board of Directors and management team have been intently focused on returning the Company to profitable growth,” added Mr. Buhrmaster. “We have recently taken a number of important and decisive actions with the goal of enhancing shareholder value, including: appointing Gary Maharaj as SurModics’ new President and Chief Executive Officer; initiating a process of exploring strategic alternatives, including a potential sale, for our SurModics Pharmaceuticals business; reducing the Company’s cost structure to bring it more in line with customer demand and expected revenue; and putting in place a new organizational structure to provide enhanced accountability, improved efficiency and more effective resource deployment. We are committed to continuing to create value for all SurModics shareholders.” “On behalf of SurModics’ Board, I would like to thank John Meslow and Dr. Kenneth Keller for their years of dedicated service to SurModics,” said Mr. Buhrmaster. “We are deeply appreciative of their numerous contributions and wish them both the best in the future endeavors.” Ramius Partner Managing Director Jeffrey C. Smith, said, “We are pleased to have worked constructively with SurModics to reach this settlement. Dr. Dantzker and I look forward to working diligently and constructively with our fellow Board members to enhance value for all SurModics shareholders and we are confident that our collective experience will prove valuable to the Company. We support the Board’s ongoing efforts to explore strategic alternatives, including a potential sale, for the Company’s Pharmaceuticals business and look forward to helping see this process through to a successful conclusion.” The Company’s 2011 Annual Meeting will be held on Febru...
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Knight. 369 A.2d at 603. As the Third Restatement explains: When the principal obligor is charged with notice of the secondary obligation, the duty to reimburse, like the principal obligors duty to perform, arises from implied contract. Just as the principal obligor impliedly agrees that it will perform the underlying obligation so that the secondary obligor will not have to perform, the principal obligor also agrees that it will reimburse the secondary obligor to the extent that the secondary obligor does perform, thereby fulfilling all or part of the underlying obligation. RESTATEMENT (THIRD) OF SURETYSHIP & GUARANTY § 22 cmt. a.
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Knight. 6, the defendant having agreed to marry the plaintiff on the death of his father, broke off the engagement during the father’s lifetime. It was held that the plaintiff was immediately entitled to sue for breach of contract. There are other cases like in Johnson Bekederemo v. Colgate- Palmolive (Nig.) Ltd.7 Also the case of Rank Xerox (Nig.) Ltd. V. Centrex (Nig.) Ltd.8