Jail Sample Clauses

Jail. The Court’s decision to sentence a defendant to jail shall NOT solely be based on any finding that the defendant is unable to pay a fine, state assessment, court costs, fee, or restitution. After setting the
Jail. CMHSPs are responsible to provide mental health services to their local county correctional facilities (jails) on the same basis as they provide services to other persons located in their geographical jurisdiction. CMHSPs shall work with Jail personnel to ensure that all reimbursements for health services are pursued, including the county’s (not the CMHSP’s) responsibility to pay for the costs of health care. If a jailed individual requires State provided inpatient care, the COFR shall be the COFR prior to the individual entering jail. When an individual is released from jail and establishes an independent residence in the county of the jail, the COFR shall be the county in which the residence is located. If the person is released into a dependent setting, the COFR shall be assigned according to the General Rule (A. above).
Jail. The Municipal Judge shall assign the CITY OF LA CENTER’s inmates to any jail as per Exhibit “A” and the CITY OF LA CENTER shall pay said jail fees as outlined in Section 11.
Jail. A special assignment pay shall be provided to employees assigned to the Ocean County Jail. Employees assigned to this facility shall receive the amount of $1,250.00 per annum on a pro-rated basis.

Related to Jail

  • Nepotism No person shall be employed or contracted with if a member of his or her immediate family is on the Board of Directors of the Subrecipient or is employed in an administrative capacity by the Subrecipient. For the purposes of this section, “immediate family” includes: wife, husband, daughter, son, mother, father, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in- law, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, stepparent and stepchild; “administrative capacity” includes those who have selection, hiring, supervisory or operational responsibility for the program.

  • Dishonesty To indemnify Indemnitee if a judgment or other final adjudication adverse to Indemnitee established that Indemnitee committed acts of active and deliberate dishonesty, with actual dishonest purpose and intent, which acts were material to the cause of action so adjudicated.

  • CRIMINAL/CIVIL SANCTIONS 1. Each officer or employee of any person to whom returns or return information is or may be disclosed will be notified in writing by such person that returns or return information disclosed to such officer or employee can be used only for a purpose and to the extent authorized herein, and that further disclosure of any such returns or return information for a purpose or to an extent unauthorized herein constitutes a felony punishable upon conviction by a fine of as much as $5,000 or imprisonment for as long as 5 years, or both, together with the costs of prosecution. Such person shall also notify each such officer and employee that any such unauthorized further disclosure of returns or return information may also result in an award of civil damages against the officer or employee in an amount not less than $1,000 with respect to each instance of unauthorized disclosure. These penalties are prescribed by IRC sections 7213 and 7431 and set forth at 26 CFR 301.6103(n)-1.

  • TRAFFIC INFRACTIONS The State will not be liable for any expense incurred by the Contractor for any parking fees or as a consequence of any traffic infraction or parking violations attributable to employees of the Contractor.

  • Diversity The Department is dedicated to fostering the continued development and economic growth of small, minority-, veteran-, and women-owned businesses. Participation of a diverse group of Vendors doing business with the State is central to the Department’s effort. To this end, small, minority-, veteran-, and women-owned business enterprises are encouraged to participate in the State’s procurement processes, including as subcontractors under prime contracts. Enterprises that desire to be certified as a small, minority-, veteran-, or women-owned business can request certification information from the Department’s Office of Supplier Diversity, which can be reached at this link: xxxx://xxx.xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxx/other_programs/office_of_supplier_diversity_osd THE REMAINDER OF THIS PAGE IS INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK.