Municipal Judge Sample Clauses

Municipal Judge. Pursuant to RCW 3.50.040, the Mayor of the CITY OF LA CENTER will designate as its Municipal Court Judge and Judge Pro-Tem those individuals recommended by the CITY OF BATTLE GROUND as Municipal Court Judges in the City of Battle Ground Municipal Court.
Municipal Judge. This Court shall be presided over by a Municipal Judge, and who shall reside in either in the Village of Bristol or the Town of Bristol. The Municipal Judge shall be elected at large in the spring election for a term commencing in May 1. All candidates for the position of Municipal Judge shall be nominated by nomination papers as provided in s. 8.10, Wis. Stats., and selection at a primary election if such is held as provided in s. 8.11, Wis. Stats. The current Town of Bristol Municipal Judge shall serve as the Municipal Judge for the Bristol Municipal Court until his/her current term is over.

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  • Final Judgment The Arbitration Award shall be final and binding upon the parties thereto and shall be the sole and exclusive remedy between such parties relating to the Dispute, including any claims, counterclaims, issues or accounting presented to the arbitrators. Judgment upon the Arbitration Award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction. To the fullest extent permitted by law, no application or appeal to any court of competent jurisdiction may be made in connection with any question of law arising in the course of arbitration or with respect to any award made except for actions relating to enforcement of this agreement to arbitrate or any arbitral award issued hereunder and except for actions seeking interim or other provisional relief in aid of arbitration proceedings in any court of competent jurisdiction.

  • Court Whenever the word “court” is used, such word means a court of competent jurisdiction.

  • County The County shall be represented in such bargaining or negotiations by such representation as the County Executive shall designate.

  • Arbitrator's Jurisdiction The jurisdiction and authority of the arbitrator and his opinion and award shall be confined exclusively to the interpretation and/or application of the provision(s) of this Agreement at issue between the Union and the Administration. The arbitrator shall have no authority to add to, detract from, alter, amend, or modify any provision of this Agreement; to impose on either party a limitation or obligation not explicitly provided for in this Agreement; or to establish or alter any wage rate or wage structure. The arbitrator shall not hear or decide more than one grievance without the mutual consent of the Administration and the Union. The written award of the arbitrator on the merits of any grievance adjudicated within his jurisdiction and authority shall be final and binding on the aggrieved employee, the Union and the Administration, unless either party contests it before a court of competent jurisdiction as permitted by state law.

  • Final Judgments or Orders Any final judgments, awards or orders not covered by insurance for the payment of money in excess of the Threshold Amount in the aggregate shall be entered against the Borrower or any Restricted Subsidiary by a court having jurisdiction in the premises, which judgment is not discharged, vacated, bonded or stayed pending appeal within a period of sixty (60) days from the date of entry;

  • Litigation; Governmental Proceedings There is no action, suit, proceeding, inquiry, arbitration, investigation, litigation or governmental proceeding pending or, to the best of the Company's knowledge, threatened against, or involving the Company or, to the best of the Company's knowledge, any Initial Stockholder which has not been disclosed in the Registration Statement or the Questionnaires.

  • Legal Jurisdiction This agreement and any matter relating thereto shall be subject only to jurisdiction of the Courts at Pune, India and shall be interpreted as per the terms of the law/s for the time being in force in India. Any dispute which may arise out of this Agreement, breach of terms and conditions under this Agreement, shall be settled by direct negotiations between you and MSS. In the case of failure to resolve the dispute in the manner set out above within 30 days from the date when the dispute arose, the dispute shall be referred to any arbitrators appointed by MSS. The venue of arbitration shall be Pune. The arbitration proceedings shall be governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and Indian laws and shall be conducted in the English language. The arbitrators shall also decide on the costs of the arbitration proceedings. To the extent possible, after the commencement of any arbitral proceedings, the parties thus engaged shall continue to perform their respective obligations under this Agreement. The provisions of this Clause shall survive termination of this Agreement. Subject to the provisions of this Clause, the Courts in Pune, India shall have exclusive jurisdiction and the parties may pursue any remedy available to them at law or equity.

  • Legal Proceedings; Governmental Orders (a) There are no Actions pending or, to Seller’s Knowledge, threatened (a) against or by the Company affecting any of its properties or assets (or by or against Seller or any Affiliate thereof and relating to the Company); or (b) against or by the Company, Seller or any Affiliate of Seller that challenges or seeks to prevent, enjoin or otherwise delay the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. No event has occurred or circumstances exist that may give rise to, or serve as a basis for, any such Action.

  • No Governmental Proceedings No action or proceeding shall have been instituted before a court or other governmental body by any governmental agency or public authority to restrain or prohibit the transactions set forth in this Agreement and WWE shall have delivered to MFC a certificate of WWE in the form annexed hereto as Exhibit "O" (Article "12.A. i."), signed by the President of WWE and dated the Closing Date to such effect;

  • Money Judgment A judgment or order for the payment of money in excess of $5,000,000 or otherwise having a Materially Adverse Effect shall be rendered against Borrower or any other Consolidated Company and such judgment or order shall continue unsatisfied (in the case of a money judgment) and in effect for a period of 30 days during which execution shall not be effectively stayed or deferred (whether by action of a court, by agreement or otherwise);