Instrument Sample Clauses

Instrument. Any “instrument” (as defined in Article 9 of the UCC), other than an instrument that constitutes part of chattel paper.
Instrument. Each promissory note executed by a borrower evidencing a Financed Student Loan (other than any master promissory note) constitutes an "instrument" within the meaning of the UCC as in effect in the states in which each such borrower resides at origination.
Instrument. BG, LC, SBLC, FRESH CUT (FC), 100% CASH-BACKED, ON ICC FORMAT 458 OR 758 OR 600
Instrument. Each Mortgage Note is comprised of one original promissory note and each such promissory note constitutes an “instrument” for purposes of Section 9-102(a)(65) of the UCC.
Instrument. Each of e-Transfer and e-Transfer Request Money is an Instrument under the Agreement. For greater certainty, e-Transfers and e-Transfer Request Moneys are not bills of exchange and no part of this Service is subject to the Bills of Exchange Act (Canada).
Instrument. This Omnibus Team Unit Instrument initially shall entitle each Subscriber to beneficial ownership interest in the number of Team Units in the Company equal to the product of (i) the quotient of such Subscriber’s Subscription Amount divided by the Team Unit Instrument Amount; times (ii) the quotient of the Team Unit Instrument Amount divided by $1.50 . The number of Team Units exchangeable for this instrument shall be subject to adjustment by the Company in the event of any Unit subdivision, split, dividend, reclassification, combination, consolidation or similar transaction affecting the Membership Units or the Company.
Instrument. The meaning specified in Section 9-102(a)(47) of the UCC.
Instrument. This Deed of Trust shall be deemed to be and shall be enforceable as a deed of trust, leasehold deed of trust, and financing statement.
Instrument. As used herein, “Instrument” shall mean a diagnostic instrument designed to perform blood grouping (to include antigen typing and antibody identification) and disease screening as described in the PDR (Exhibit 1). The Instrument shall be developed by STRATEC in accordance with the Project Parameters as defined below and sold by QUOTIENT under the Supply Agreement to be attached at Exhibit 4