Hydrocarbons Sample Clauses

Hydrocarbons. All organic compounds, made up mainly by the natural blend of carbon and hydrogen, as well as all other accompanying substances or their by-products, excepting helium and rare gases.
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Hydrocarbons. All oil, gas, casinghead gas, drip gasoline, natural gasoline and condensate, all other liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, and all other minerals, whether similar to the foregoing or not (herein collectively called “Hydrocarbons”), now or hereafter accruing to or produced from the Subject Interests and/or to which Grantor now or hereafter may be entitled as a result of or by virtue of its record and/or beneficial ownership of any one or more of the Subject Interests;
Hydrocarbons. Oil and/or gas and associated liquid and gaseous by-products (except helium) which may be produced from a wellbore located on the Lease.
Hydrocarbons. Product shall not contain more than five mole percent (5%) of hydrocarbons and the dew point of Product (with respect to such hydrocarbons) shall not exceed minus twenty degrees Fahrenheit (-20°F).
Hydrocarbons. Any organic compound, whether gaseous, Liquid or solid, which consists principally of carbon and hydrogen.
Hydrocarbons. “Hydrocarbons” means oil, gas, casinghead gas, condensate, distillate and other liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, and products refined therefrom.
Hydrocarbons. All of Seller’s rights, title and interest in and to all oil, gas, casinghead gas, condensate, distillate, liquid hydrocarbons, gaseous hydrocarbons and all other products refined or extracted therefrom, together with all minerals produced in association with these substances (hereinafter collectively, the “Hydrocarbons”) in and under and which may be produced and saved from or attributable to the Leases or Wxxxx from and after the Closing Date and all rents, issues, profits, proceeds, products, revenues and other income from or attributable thereto; and
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Hydrocarbons. A generic term used to refer to natural gas, natural gas liquids and oil collectively. HYDROCARBON-PRODUCING PROPERTIES AND RELATED TERMS I-12. Account 101/105 Leaseholds. All leasehold, operating rights, working interests, mineral and other interests in production which were held on July 31, 1981, by the Company and which were accounted for on that date in the Company's Accounts 101 or 105.
Hydrocarbons. All organic compounds formed mainly by carbon and hydrogen, which have been formed by natural processes due to the decomposition of organic matter, the passage of time and the pressure and temperature to which they have been exposed. These will include the so-called asphalts when said compounds are in the solid state, the Oils when they are in the liquid state, and the so-called Natural Gas when they are in the gaseous state.
Hydrocarbons. A generic term used to refer to natural gas, natural gas liquids and oil collectively.
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