the Consideration definition

the Consideration means the amount payable for the Shares to be paid or satisfied by the Purchaser in the manner specified at Clause 5.2;
the Consideration means (i) if the consideration paid in the Transaction is paid to the shareholders, the aggregate value of all such payments received by the shareholders of the Borrower in the Transaction; (ii) if the consideration paid in the Transaction is paid to the Borrower, the aggregate value of all consideration received by the Borrower in the Transaction. The value of any consideration not paid in cash shall be determined by an independent valuation firm as appointed by the Holder in its reasonable discretion.

Examples of the Consideration in a sentence

  • The Customer shall pay the Consideration and Costs stated in any invoice for Services provided pursuant to these Terms and Conditions in full, without deduction or set-off, within thirty (30) days of the date stated on that invoice.

  • The Customer shall pay the Consideration and Costs to the Company by electronic bank transfer in cleared funds in the currency specified in the Company’s Quotation, proposal or order confirmation.

  • An application will be made by the Company to the Stock Exchange for the listing of, and permission to deal in, the Consideration Shares.

  • Upon the Customer discharging all its obligations under the Contract, including payment of the Consideration, the Customer will obtain an irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to use the Report (including the right to sub-license), subject to the terms of sub- condition9.2 and this sub-condition 9.3.

  • Any such taxes shall be in addition to the amount of the Consideration.

More Definitions of the Consideration

the Consideration. The basic consideration together with the additional consideration as these terms are defined in Clause 6 below.
the Consideration means the price payable to the tenderer under the Contract for the full and proper performance of its contractual obligations.
the Consideration means the consideration set out in clause 3
the Consideration. The consideration the Transferee shall make to the Transferor for the transfer of the Shareholding;
the Consideration the consideration for the acquisition of the Shares, being the aggregate of the Closing Payment and the Earnout Payment; "Covenantors" Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxx and Xxxxxx Xxxxxx "the Disclosure Letter" the letter dated the date of this agreement from the Sellers to the Buyer making certain disclosures against the Warranties; "the Earnout Payment" the consideration in addition to the Closing Payment for the Shares as referred to in clause 3.3;
the Consideration means the aggregate consideration payable hereunder for all the Shares;