[[ GME Contractor Level ]] Appointment Sample Clauses

[[ GME Contractor Level ]] Appointment. [[ GME Contractor Level ]] is hereby appointed to participate in the [[ Specialty ]] graduate medical education (“GME”) training program (the “Program”) as post graduate year (PGY[[ GME Resident PGY Level ]]) for the period beginning [[ Start Date ]] (“Start Date”) and ending on [[ End Date ]] (“End Date”), which period shall be referred to as the “Training Period.” As used in this Agreement, the term Program shall mean the legal entity Hospital, on behalf of its residency programs, and references to Hospital shall mean both the legal entity as well as the Program.

Related to [[ GME Contractor Level ]] Appointment

  • Medical Appointments An employee on light duty who is working full time is encouraged to schedule doctor's appointments during off hours. If an employee is unable to schedule injury related medical appointments during non-work hours, the employee shall be released from work for no more than two (2) hours per week, including travel time, for one (1) year from the date of the original injury. The employee shall not be charged leave for those two (2) hours per week. The employee shall return to work for the remainder of the shift following the medical appointment.

  • Continuing Appointment 14.4.1 Continuing Appointment signifies the right of a Member to continuous and permanent appointment, which may be terminated only through resignation, or retirement, or financial exigency under the provisions of Article 24, or by dismissal for just cause under the provisions of Article 26.

  • Contractor Certification for Contractor Employees Introduction Texas Education Code Chapter 22 requires entities that contract with school districts to provide services to obtain criminal history record information regarding covered employees. Contractors must certify to the district that they have complied. Covered employees with disqualifying criminal histories are prohibited from serving at a school district. Definitions: Covered employees: Employees of a contractor or subcontractor who have or will have continuing duties related to the service to be performed at the District and have or will have direct contact with students. The District will be the final arbiter of what constitutes direct contact with students. Disqualifying criminal history: Any conviction or other criminal history information designated by the District, or one of the following offenses, if at the time of the offense, the victim was under 18 or enrolled in a public school: (a) a felony offense under Title 5, Texas Penal Code; (b) an offense for which a defendant is required to register as a sex offender under Chapter 62, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure; or (c) an equivalent offense under federal law or the laws of another state. I certify that: NONE (Section A) of the employees of Contractor and any subcontractors are covered employees, as defined above. If this box is checked, I further certify that Contractor has taken precautions or imposed conditions to ensure that the employees of Contractor and any subcontractor will not become covered employees. Contractor will maintain these precautions or conditions throughout the time the contracted services are provided. OR SOME (Section B) or all of the employees of Contractor and any subcontractor are covered employees. If this box is checked, I further certify that: (1) Contractor has obtained all required criminal history record information regarding its covered employees. None of the covered employees has a disqualifying criminal history. (2) If Contractor receives information that a covered employee subsequently has a reported criminal history, Contractor will immediately remove the covered employee from contract duties and notify the District in writing within 3 business days. (3) Upon request, Contractor will provide the District with the name and any other requested information of covered employees so that the District may obtain criminal history record information on the covered employees. (4) If the District objects to the assignment of a covered employee on the basis of the covered employee's criminal history record information, Contractor agrees to discontinue using that covered employee to provide services at the District. Noncompliance or misrepresentation regarding this certification may be grounds for contract termination. None Texas Business and Commerce Code § 272 Requirements as of 9-1-2017 SB 807 prohibits construction contracts to have provisions requiring the contract to be subject to the laws of another state, to be required to litigate the contract in another state, or to require arbitration in another state. A contract with such provisions is voidable. Under this new statute, a “construction contract” includes contracts, subcontracts, or agreements with (among others) architects, engineers, contractors, construction managers, equipment lessors, or materials suppliers. “Construction contracts” are for the design, construction, alteration, renovation, remodeling, or repair of any building or improvement to real property, or for furnishing materials or equipment for the project. The term also includes moving, demolition, or excavation. BY RESPONDING TO THIS SOLICITATION, AND WHEN APPLICABLE, THE PROPOSER AGREES TO COMPLY WITH THE TEXAS BUSINESS AND COMMERCE CODE § 272 WHEN EXECUTING CONTRACTS WITH TIPS MEMBERS THAT ARE TEXAS GOVERNMENT ENTITIES. 7 5 Texas Government Code 2270 Verification Form Texas Government Code 2270 Verification Form Texas 2017 House Xxxx 89 has been signed into law by the governor and as of September 1, 2017 will be codified as Texas Government Code § 2270 and 808 et seq. The relevant section addressed by this form reads as follows: Texas Government Code Sec. 2270.002. PROVISION REQUIRED IN CONTRACT. A governmental entity may not enter into a contract with a company for goods or services unless the contract contains a written verification from the company that it: (1) does not boycott Israel; and (2) will not boycott Israel during the term of the contract engaged by: ESC Region 8/The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) 0000 Xxxxxxx 000 Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx,XX,00000 I verify by this writing that the above-named company affirms that it (1) does not boycott Israel; and (2) will not boycott Israel during the term of this contract, or any contract with the above-named Texas governmental entity in the future. I further affirm that if our company’s position on this issue is reversed and this affirmation is no longer valid, that the above-named Texas governmental entity will be notified in writing within one (1) business day and we understand that our company’s failure to affirm and comply with the requirements of Texas Government Code 2270 et seq. shall be grounds for immediate contract termination without penalty to the above-named Texas governmental entity. AND Our company is not listed on and we do not do business with companies that are on the the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts list of Designated Foreign Terrorists Organizations per Texas Gov't Code 2270.0153 found at xxxxx://xxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxx.xxx/purchasing/docs/foreign-terrorist.pdf I swear and affirm that the above is true and correct. YES

  • Probationary Appointments 22B.08 The duration of a probationary appointment for persons appointed after the signing of this Collective Agreement shall normally be six (6) years, unless a shorter period was stipulated in the letter of appointment. Joint Appointments

  • Medical Appointment for Pregnant Employees 35.9.1 Up to three decimal seven five (3.75) hours of reasonable time off with pay for each appointment will be granted to pregnant employees for the purpose of attending routine medical appointments.

  • Scope of Appointment A. Subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement, the Fund hereby appoints DST as Transfer Agent and Dividend Disbursing Agent.

  • Medical/Dental Appointments ‌ Where medical and/or dental appointments cannot be scheduled outside the employee's working hours, sick leave with pay shall be granted.

  • Initial Appointments The Company appoints the Trustee as the initial Paying Agent, the initial Registrar and the initial Conversion Agent.

  • SUSPENSION OF SUPPLIER'S APPOINTMENT 23.1. If the Authority is entitled to terminate this Framework Agreement pursuant to Clause 22 (but not Clause 22.4), the Authority may instead elect in its sole discretion to suspend the Supplier's ability to accept Orders under this Framework Agreement by giving notice in writing to the Supplier, and the Supplier agrees that it shall not be entitled to enter into any new Call Off Contract during the period specified in the Authority’s notice.

  • Board Appointment Concurrently with the inception of this Employment Agreement and thereafter, the Board shall appoint the Executive to the Board of Directors if Executive shall not already be a sitting member of the Board and wants to continue to serve as a Board Member. For a Term of five years and any partial term in addition to the full term(s) during those five years beginning with the Commencement Date established in “Recitals” to this Employment Agreement, the Executive will be recommended for continuous service on the Board by the Board and/or the Board’s Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee and shall be placed on the ballot and recommended for nomination to re-election by the Company’s stockholders consistent with and subject to the Company’s certificate of incorporation and By-laws, applicable law and rules of any stock exchange on which the Company’s shares are listed, and the Board of Directors shall consistently move to have Executive elected or appointed to the Board