Eligibility Services Sample Clauses

Eligibility Services. This service includes determining eligibility utilizing approved screening forms and assessed on annual basis.
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Eligibility Services. A. IDENTIFICATION CARDS. AdvancePCS will design one identification card layout and provide Customer with a proof of final design layout. Customer shall provide AdvancePCS with camera-ready artwork for the logo or logos that Customer wants to appear on the identification card. All identification cards shall include the AdvancePCS name and logo. For each Member, AdvancePCS will generate standard AdvancePCS cards in such final design.

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  • Utility Services Company agrees to pay the full cost and expense associated with its use of all utilities, including but not limited to water, sanitary sewer, electric, storm drainage, and telecommunication services.

  • Compensation for Consulting Services For each quarter (i.e., three-month period) that Executive provides consulting services to MediciNova pursuant to the option of MediciNova contained in Section 9 above, MediciNova shall pay Executive a sum equal to fifteen percent (15%) of Executive’s annual Base Compensation which shall be applicable at the time of Executive’s termination of employment with MediciNova (prorated for any period of less than a quarter). The parties expressly agree that when Executive is performing consulting services for MediciNova, Executive is acting as an independent contractor. Therefore, Executive shall be solely liable for Social Security and income taxes that result from Executive’s compensation as a consultant. In addition, Executive shall not be entitled to any other benefits including, without limitation, such group medical, life and disability insurance and other benefits as may be provided to employees and/or executives of MediciNova.

  • ADMINISTRATION SERVICES When a medical prescription drug is administered by infusion, the administration of the prescription drug may be covered separately from the prescription drug. See Infusion Therapy - Administration Services in the Summary of Medical Benefits for benefit limits and the amount you pay. Prescription drugs that are self-administered are not covered as a medical benefit but may be covered as a pharmacy benefit. Please see Pharmacy Prescription Drugs and Diabetic Equipment or Supplies – Pharmacy Benefits section above for additional information. Site of Care Program For some medical prescription drugs, after the first administration, coverage may be limited to certain locations (for example, a designated outpatient or ambulatory service facility, physician’s office, or your home), provided the location is appropriate based on your medical status. For a list of medical prescription drugs that are subject to this Site of Care Program, visit our website. Preauthorization may be required to determine medical necessity as well as appropriate site of care. If we deny your request for preauthorization, or you disagree with our determination for the appropriate site of care, you can submit a medical appeal. See Appeals in Section 5 for information on how to file a medical appeal.

  • Continuity of Services A. The Contractor recognizes that the service(s) to be performed under this Contract are vital to the State and must be continued without interruption and that, upon Contract expiration, a successor, either the State or another contractor, may continue them. The Contractor agrees to:

  • Term of Services The term of this Agreement shall begin on the Effective Date and shall end on , the date of completion specified in Exhibit A, and Consultant shall complete the work described in Exhibit A on or before that date, unless the term of the Agreement is otherwise terminated or extended, as provided for in Section 8. The time provided to Consultant to complete the services required by this Agreement shall not affect the City’s right to terminate the Agreement, as referenced in Section 8.

  • Services and Compensation Consultant agrees to perform for the Company the services described in Exhibit A (the “Services”), and the Company agrees to pay Consultant the compensation described in Exhibit A for Consultant’s performance of the Services.

  • Scope of Services The specific scope of work for each job shall be determined in advance and in writing between TIPS Member, Member’s design professionals and Vendor. It is permitted for the TIPS Member to provide a general scope description, but the awarded vendor should provide a written scope of work, and if applicable, according to the TIPS Member’s design Professional as part of the proposal. Once the scope of the job is agreed to, the TIPS Member will issue a PO and/or an Agreement or Contract with the Job Order Contract Proposal referenced or as an attachment along with bond and any other special provisions agreed by the TIPS Member. If special terms and conditions other than those covered within this solicitation and awarded Agreements are required, they will be attached to the PO and/or an Agreement or Contract and shall take precedence over those in this base TIPS Vendor Agreement.

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