Denied Sample Clauses

Denied. Rx Solutions will fax a copy of the denied Injectable Authorization Form to the physician’s office. • Rx Solutions will mail a denial letter to the patient’s home. • The patient or physician can request an Appeal as deemed necessary.

Related to Denied

  • Appeal In the event that a judgment in a Third Party Action is entered against either Party and an appeal is available, the Controlling Party shall have the first right, but not the obligation, to file such appeal. In the event the Controlling Party does not desire to file such an appeal, it will promptly, in a reasonable time period (i.e., with sufficient time for the non-Controlling Party to take whatever action may be necessary) before the date on which such right to appeal will lapse or otherwise diminish, permit the non-Controlling Party to pursue such appeal at such non-Controlling Party’s own cost and expense. If applicable Law requires the other Party’s involvement in an appeal, the other Party shall be a nominal party in the appeal and shall provide reasonable cooperation to such Party at such Party’s expense.

  • Claims Administrator The entity engaged by DCH to provide Administrative Service(s) to the CMO Plans in connection with processing and adjudicating risk-based payment, and recording health benefit encounter Claims for Members. Clean Claim: A claim received by the CMO for adjudication, in a nationally accepted format in compliance with standard coding guidelines, which requires no further information, adjustment, or alteration by the Provider of the services in order to be processed and paid by the CMO. The following exceptions apply to this definition: i. A Claim for payment of expenses incurred during a period of time for which premiums are delinquent; ii. A Claim for which Fraud is suspected; and iii A Claim for which a Third Party Resource should be responsible. Cold-Call Marketing: Any unsolicited personal contact by the CMO Plan, with a potential Member, for the purpose of marketing. Completion/Implementation Timeframe: The date or time period projected for a project goal or objective to be met, for progress to be demonstrated or for a proven intervention to be established as the standard of care for the Contractor. Community Mental Health Rehabilitation Services (CMHRS): Services that are intended for the maximum reduction of mental disability and restoration of an individual to his or her best possible functional level.

  • Reconsideration Faculty members who join the faculty are eligible to have their starting salary reconsidered on the basis of new information or reinterpretation of existing information for the first four months following the date their employment with the University began. Subsequently, changes in salary as a result of additional qualifications or re-evaluation of the qualifications acquired before the faculty member was employed at the University will take effect the first of the month following the date of the notification to Human Resource Services.

  • Right to Appeal Notwithstanding a determination by any forum listed in Section VI.D above that the Indemnitee is not entitled to indemnification with respect to a specific Proceeding, the Indemnitee shall have the right to apply to the court in which that Proceeding is or was pending, or to any other court of competent jurisdiction, for the purpose of enforcing the Indemnitee’s right to indemnification pursuant to this Agreement. Such enforcement action shall consider the Indemnitee’s entitlement to indemnification de novo, and the Indemnitee shall not be prejudiced by reason of a prior determination that the Indemnitee is not entitled to indemnification. The Company shall be precluded from asserting that the procedures and presumptions of this Agreement are not valid, binding and enforceable. The Company further agrees to stipulate in any such judicial proceeding that the Company is bound by all the provisions of this Agreement and is precluded from making any assertion to the contrary.

  • Appeals a. Should the filer be dissatisfied with the Formal Dispute determination, a written appeal may be filed with the Chief Procurement Officer, by mail or email, using the following contact information: Chief Procurement Officer Procurement Services A Division of the Office of General Services 00xx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx, XX 00000 Email: Subject line: Appeal – Attn: Chief Procurement Officer

  • Claim A demand or assertion by the Owner or the Contractor seeking an adjustment of the Contract Sum or Contract Time, or both, or other relief with respect to the terms of the Contract. The term "Claim" also includes other disputes and matters in question between the Owner and the Contractor arising out of or relating to the Contract. The responsibility to substantiate a Claim shall rest with the party making the Claim. A demand for money or services by a third party, including a Trade Contractor, Supplier, or subcontractor to the Contractor, is ipso facto not a Claim against the Owner.

  • Claims Administration An employee will be required to comply with any and all rules and regulations and/or limitations established by the carrier or applicable third party administrator and contained in the policy, and employees and their dependents shall look solely to such carrier or third party administration for the adjudication of the payment of any and all benefits claims.

  • Insurer The Insurer shall be bound only by the terms of the Policy. Any payments the Insurer makes or actions it takes in accordance with the Policy shall fully discharge it from all claims, suits and demands of all entities or persons. The Insurer shall not be bound by or be deemed to have notice of the provisions of this Agreement.

  • Tax Appeals If any tax reduction proceedings, tax protest proceedings or tax assessment appeals for the Property, relating to any tax years through and including the tax year in which the Closing occurs, are pending at the time of Closing, Seller reserves and shall have the right to continue to prosecute and/or settle the same without the consent of Purchaser. Seller hereby reserves and shall have the exclusive right, at any time after the Closing Date, to institute a tax reduction proceeding, tax protest proceeding or tax assessment appeal for the Property with respect to real estate taxes attributable to the tax years prior to and including the tax year in which the Closing occurs and Seller shall have the right to prosecute and/or settle the same without the consent of Purchaser. Purchaser agrees that it shall not independently institute any tax reduction proceedings, tax protest proceedings, or tax assessment appeals for the Property with respect to the tax years prior to and including the tax year in which the Closing occurs. Purchaser and Seller shall cooperate with each other in connection with the prosecution and/or settlement of any tax reduction proceedings, tax protest proceedings or tax assessment appeals, including executing such documents as the other party may reasonably request in order to prosecute and/or settle any such proceedings. Any refunds or savings in the payment of taxes resulting from any tax reduction proceedings, tax protest proceedings or tax assessment appeals applicable to the period prior to the Closing Date shall belong to Seller and any refunds or savings in the payment of taxes applicable to the period from and after the Closing Date shall belong to Purchaser. All attorneys’ fees and other expenses incurred in obtaining such refunds or savings shall be apportioned between Seller and Purchaser in proportion to the gross amount of such refunds or savings payable to Seller and Purchaser, respectively.

  • Disability Benefits Technology Errors and Omissions Not less than $1,000,000 each claim Not less than $2,000,000 in aggregate At the time of the first transaction with an Authorized User and updated in accordance with Contract Crime Insurance Not less than $50,000 Lot 3 Insurance Type Proof of Coverage is Due Commercial General Liability Not less than $5,000,000 each occurrence Updated in accordance with Contract General Aggregate $2,000,000 Products – Completed Operations Aggregate $2,000,000 Personal and Advertising Injury $1,000,000 Business Automobile Liability Insurance Not less than $5,000,000 each occurrence Workers’ Compensation