Delaware Trust Sample Clauses

Delaware Trust. The Agreement is executed by the Trust with respect to each of the Funds and the obligations hereunder are not binding on any of the trustees, officers or shareholders of the Trust individually, but are binding only on the Fund to which such obligations pertain and the assets and property of such Fund. All obligations of the Trust under this Agreement shall apply only on a Fund-by-Fund basis, and the assets of one Fund shall not be liable for the obligations of another Fund.
Delaware Trust. The name and business address of the Owner Trustee of the Trust in the State of Delaware is [Owner Trustee], [Owner Trustee's Address].
Delaware Trust. The name and business address of the Owner Trustee of the Trust in the State of Delaware is [OWNER TRUSTEE], [ADDRESS] Attn: Corporate Trust Administration.
Delaware Trust. The name and business address of the Owner Trustee of the Trust in the State of Delaware are U.S. Bank Trust Bank National Association, 300 Delaware Ave., Suite 813, Wilmington, DE 19804.

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  • Delaware Trustee The name and business address of the trustee of the Trust in the State of Delaware is Wilmington Trust Company, Rodney Square North, 1100 North Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19890-0001.

  • Delaware Trust Assets Purchaser The Delaware Trust Assets Purchaser shall be the Servicer engaged to perform and discharge the Serviced Duties in respect of each Appointment of Wells Trust Company that continues to be treated as a Restricted Appointment.

  • Delaware Trustee; Eligibility (a) If required by the Statutory Trust Act, one Trustee (the “Delaware Trustee”) shall be:

  • Duties of the Delaware Trustee The Delaware Trustee is appointed to serve as the trustee of the Trust in the State of Delaware for the sole purpose of satisfying the requirement of Section 3807(a) of the Statutory Trust Statute that the Trust have at least one trustee with a principal place of business in Delaware. It is understood and agreed by the parties hereto that the Delaware Trustee shall have none of the duties or liabilities of the Owner Trustee. The duties of the Delaware Trustee shall be limited to (a) accepting legal process served on the Trust in the State of Delaware and (b) the execution of any certificates required to be filed with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware which the Delaware Trustee is required to execute under Section 3811 of the Statutory Trust Statute. To the extent that, at law or in equity, the Delaware Trustee has duties (including fiduciary duties) and liabilities relating thereto to the Trust, the beneficial owners thereof or any other person, it is hereby understood and agreed by the other parties hereto that such duties and liabilities are replaced by the duties and liabilities of the Delaware Trustee expressly set forth in this Section 7.08. The Delaware Trustee shall have all the rights, privileges and immunities of the Owner Trustee. ARTICLE Eight compensation of owner trustee and the delaware trustee

  • The Trust The Trust assumes and shall pay or cause to be paid all other expenses of the Trust not otherwise allocated herein, including, without limitation, organization costs, taxes, fees and expenses for legal and auditing services, fees and expenses of pricing services, transfer agency fees and expenses, the expenses of preparing (including typesetting), printing and mailing reports, prospectuses, statements of additional information, proxy solicitation material and notices to existing shareholders, all expenses incurred in connection with issuing and redeeming shares, the cost of custodial services, the cost of initial and ongoing registration of the shares under Federal and state securities laws, fees and out-of-pocket expenses of Trustees who are not officers or employees of the Administrator, the Distributor, or the Investment Adviser to the Trust or any affiliated company of the Administrator, the Distributor, or the Investment Adviser, insurance, interest, brokerage costs, litigation and other extraordinary or nonrecurring expenses, and all fees and charges of investment advisers to the Trust.

  • Owner Trustee This Agreement has been signed on behalf of the Grantor by U.S. Bank Trust National Association, not in its individual capacity, but solely in its capacity as Owner Trustee of the Grantor. In no event will U.S. Bank Trust National Association in its individual capacity or a beneficial owner of the Grantor be liable for the Grantor’s obligations under this Agreement. For all purposes under this Agreement, the Owner Trustee is subject to, and entitled to the benefits of, the Trust Agreement.

  • The Owner Trustee It is expressly understood and agreed by the parties hereto that (i) this Agreement is executed and delivered by Wilmington Trust, National Association on behalf of the Trust not individually or personally but solely as owner trustee of the Trust under the Trust Agreement of the Trust dated the date hereof in the exercise of the powers and authority conferred upon and vested in Wilmington Trust, National Association as owner trustee of the Trust under such Trust Agreement, (ii) each of the representations, undertakings and agreements herein made on the part of the Trust is made and intended not as the personal representation, undertaking or agreement of Wilmington Trust, National Association, but is made and intended for the purpose of binding only the Trust and (iii) nothing herein contained shall be construed as creating any liability on the part of Wilmington Trust, National Association, individually or personally, to perform any covenant or obligation of the Trust, either expressed or implied, contained herein, all such liability, if any, being expressly waived by the parties hereto and by any Person claiming by, through or under the parties hereto.

  • REMIC Administrator: Residential Funding Corporation If Residential Funding Corporation is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to no longer be able to fulfill its obligations as REMIC Administrator under this Agreement the Master Servicer or Trustee acting as Master Servicer shall appoint a successor REMIC Administrator, subject to assumption of the REMIC Administrator obligations under this Agreement.

  • Successor Owner Trustee Any successor Owner Trustee appointed pursuant to Section 9.2 shall execute, acknowledge and deliver to the Depositor, the Servicer and to its predecessor Owner Trustee an instrument accepting such appointment under this Agreement, and thereupon the resignation or removal of the predecessor Owner Trustee shall become effective and such successor Owner Trustee, without any further act, deed or conveyance, shall become fully vested with all the rights, powers, duties and obligations of its predecessor under this Agreement, with like effect as if originally named as Owner Trustee. The predecessor Owner Trustee shall upon payment of its fees and expenses deliver to the successor Owner Trustee all documents and statements and monies held by it under this Agreement; and the Depositor and the predecessor Owner Trustee shall execute and deliver such instruments and do such other things as may reasonably be required for fully and certainly vesting and confirming in the successor Owner Trustee all such rights, powers, duties and obligations. No successor Owner Trustee shall accept appointment as provided in this Section unless at the time of such acceptance such successor Owner Trustee shall be eligible pursuant to Section 9.1. Upon acceptance of appointment by a successor Owner Trustee pursuant to this Section, the Servicer shall mail notice of the successor of such Owner Trustee to the Certificateholder, the Trustee, the Noteholders and the Rating Agencies. If the Servicer shall fail to mail such notice within 10 days after acceptance of appointment by the successor Owner Trustee, the successor Owner Trustee shall cause such notice to be mailed at the expense of the Servicer.

  • Statutory Trust Only It is the intention of the Trustees to create a statutory trust pursuant to the Delaware Act. It is not the intention of the Trustees to create a general partnership, limited partnership, joint stock association, corporation, bailment, or any form of legal relationship other than a statutory trust pursuant to the Delaware Act. Nothing in this Declaration of Trust shall be construed to make the Shareholders, either by themselves or with the Trustees, partners or members of a joint stock association.