Copyright Security Agreements Sample Clauses

Copyright Security Agreements. If required by the Purchasers, concurrently herewith each Grantor is also executing and delivering to the Purchasers the Copyright Security Agreement (attached hereto as Exhibit I) pursuant to which the Grantor is granting to the Purchasers security interests in certain Collateral consisting of copyrights, and copyright registrations. The provisions of the Copyright Security Agreement are supplemental to the provisions of this Agreement, and nothing contained in the Copyright Security Agreement shall derogate from any of the rights or remedies of the Purchasers hereunder. Neither the delivery of, nor anything contained in, the Copyright Security Agreement shall be deemed to prevent or postpone the time of attachment or perfection of any security interest in such Collateral created hereby.
Copyright Security Agreements. Copyright Security Agreements substantially in the form of Exhibit H attached hereto, duly executed by any Credit Party holding one or more copyrights (as the same may be amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, collectively, the “Copyright Security Agreements”);
Copyright Security Agreements. If applicable, duly executed originals of the Copyright Security Agreement, dated the Closing Date, and all instruments, documents and agreements executed pursuant thereto.

Related to Copyright Security Agreements

  • Patent, Trademark, Copyright Security Agreements The provisions of the Copyright Security Agreements, Trademark Security Agreements, and Patent Security Agreements are supplemental to the provisions of this Agreement, and nothing contained in the Copyright Security Agreements, Trademark Security Agreements, or the Patent Security Agreements shall limit any of the rights or remedies of Agent hereunder. In the event of any conflict between any provision in this Agreement and a provision in a Copyright Security Agreement, Trademark Security Agreement or Patent Security Agreement, such provision of this Agreement shall control.

  • Intellectual Property Security Agreements Duly executed originals of Trademark Security Agreements, Copyright Security Agreements and Patent Security Agreements, each dated the Closing Date and signed by each Credit Party which owns Trademarks, Copyrights and/or Patents, as applicable, all in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Agent, together with all instruments, documents and agreements executed pursuant thereto.

  • Security Agreements Signed original security agreements, assignments, financing statements and fixture filings (together with collateral in which the Bank requires a possessory security interest), which the Bank requires.

  • RATIFICATION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SECURITY AGREEMENT Borrower hereby ratifies, confirms and reaffirms, all and singular, the terms and conditions of a certain Amended and Restated Intellectual Property Security Agreement dated as of May 13, 2015 between Borrower and Bank, and acknowledges, confirms and agrees that said Intellectual Property Security Agreement (a) contains an accurate and complete listing of all Intellectual Property Collateral, as defined in said Intellectual Property Security Agreement, and (b) shall remain in full force and effect.

  • PATENT, TRADEMARK AND COPYRIGHT INDEMNITY Seller will indemnify, defend and hold harmless Buyer and its customer from all claims, suits, actions, awards (including, but not limited to, awards based on intentional infringement of patents known at the time of such infringement, exceeding actual damages and/or including attorneys' fees and/or costs), liabilities, damages, costs and attorneys' fees related to the actual or alleged infringement of any United States or foreign intellectual property right (including, but not limited to, any right in a patent, copyright, industrial design or semiconductor mask work, or based on misappropriation or wrongful use of information or documents) and arising out of the manufacture, sale or use of products by either Buyer or its customer. Buyer and/or its customer will duly notify Seller of any such claim, suit or action; and Seller will, at its own expense, fully defend such claim, suit or action on behalf of indemnitees. Seller will have no obligation under this article with regard to any infringement arising from (a) Seller's compliance with formal specifications issued by Buyer where infringement could not be avoided in complying with such specifications or (b) use or sale of products in combination with other items when such infringement would not have occurred from the use or sale of those products solely for the purpose for which they were designed or sold by Seller. For purposes of this article only, the term Buyer will include The Boeing Company and all Boeing subsidiaries and all officers, agents and employees of Boeing or any Boeing subsidiary.

  • Covenants Regarding Patent, Trademark and Copyright Collateral (a) Each Grantor agrees that it will not, nor will it permit any of its licensees to, do any act, or omit to do any act, whereby any Patent which is material to the conduct of such Grantor's business may become invalidated or dedicated to the public, and agrees that it shall continue to xxxx any products covered by a Patent with the relevant patent number as necessary and sufficient to establish and preserve its maximum rights under applicable patent laws.

  • Security Agreement The security interest granted pursuant to this Copyright Security Agreement is granted in conjunction with the security interest granted to the Collateral Agent pursuant to the Security Agreement and Pledgors hereby acknowledge and affirm that the rights and remedies of the Collateral Agent with respect to the security interest in the Copyrights made and granted hereby are more fully set forth in the Security Agreement, the terms and provisions of which are incorporated by reference herein as if fully set forth herein. In the event that any provision of this Copyright Security Agreement is deemed to conflict with the Security Agreement, the provisions of the Security Agreement shall control unless the Collateral Agent shall otherwise determine.

  • Intellectual Property Agreements Borrower shall not permit the inclusion in any material contract to which it becomes a party of any provisions that could or might in any way prevent the creation of a security interest in Borrower's rights and interests in any property included within the definition of the Intellectual Property Collateral acquired under such contracts.

  • Copyright/Trademark/Patent Consultant understands and agrees that all matters produced under this Agreement shall become the property of District and cannot be used without District's express written permission. District shall have all right, title and interest in said matters, including the right to secure and maintain the copyright, trademark and/or patent of said matter in the name of the District. Consultant consents to use of Consultant's name in conjunction with the sale, use, performance and distribution of the matters, for any purpose and in any medium.

  • Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights Machinery and equipment of the VESSEL, whether made or furnished by the BUILDER under this CONTRACT, may bear the patent numbers, trademarks, or trade names of the manufacturers. The BUILDER shall defend and save harmless the BUYER from all liabilities or claims for or on account of the use of any patents, copyrights or design of any nature or kind, or for the infringement thereof including any unpatented invention made or used in the performance of this CONTRACT and also for any costs and expenses of litigation, if any in connection therewith. No such liability or responsibility shall be with the BUILDER with regard to components and/or equipment and/or design supplied by the BUYER. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as transferring any patent or trademark rights or copyrights in equipment covered by this CONTRACT, and all such rights are hereby expressly reserved to the true and lawful owners thereof.