Company May Assign Sample Clauses

Company May Assign. The Company may at any time assign and transfer the benefit of the SFW Agreement and these Terms. Thereupon that assignee shall be required to comply with the obligations of the Company under the SFW Agreement and these Terms. The Company may assign by way of mortgage the benefit of any payments due and payable under the SFW Agreement and these Terms to any financier (including a bank) which has lent moneys to the Company.
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Company May Assign. The Company may at any time assign or otherwise transfer to any party all or any part of its right and obligations under this Agreement and in that event (and subject to clause 3.3) the assignee or transferee should have the same rights against the Customer and the Guarantor as it would have had if it had been a party to this Agreement;
Company May Assign. This Agreement shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the Company Entities and their successors and assigns. Wxxxxx agrees that, on or after the Effective Date, Company may assign, in whole or in part, this Agreement to a directly or indirectly owned subsidiary or a direct or indirect parent entity of Company that acts as a holding company for the Company Entities or to any acquirer of all or substantially all of the assets or equity of Company or of the Companies Entities and, in connection with such assignment, such subsidiary or parent entity or such acquirer(s) shall expressly assume this Agreement; provided, however, that except with respect to a sale of such assets or equity, no such assignment shall release Company from its obligations hereunder.

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  • Rights and Obligations Except as expressly set forth in this Agreement, no Member, in its capacity as a Member, will have any right, power or authority to transact any business in the name of the Series, participate in the management of the Series or to act for or on behalf of or to bind the Series. A Member will have no rights other than those specifically provided herein or granted by law. Except as required by the Act, no Member, solely by reason of being a member, shall be liable for the debts, liabilities, obligations or expenses of the Series.

  • Party A’s Rights and Obligations 4.1 甲方应不晚于扣款日向/在其结算账户转账/存入等于(或不少于)存款资金的款项,并在起息日前的所有时间均确保并维持结算账户中有该等数额的款项。若因非乙方过错的任何原因,包括但不限于由于甲方的债权债务纠纷或任何原因导致结算账户被司法机关采取查封、冻结或支取等强制措施,甲方未能在起息日前的所有时间确保并维持结算账户中的存款资金数额的,本协议应立即解除并失效,但不影响甲方应承担的违约责任并向乙方赔偿全部损失的义务。 No later than the Trade Date, Party A shall transfer/deposit money equal to (or not less than) the full Deposit Amount to/in the Settlement Account and shall ensure that such amount of fund in the Settlement Account shall be held and maintained at all time until the Effective Date. Failure by Party A to do the same due to whatever reason other than Party B’s fault, including without limitation, the Deposit Amount being frozen, seized or taken, in whole or in part, with enforcement measures by judicial authority arising from its credits, debts dispute and/or whatsoever reason, shall cause this Agreement to be immediately and automatically ceased and this Agreement will be no longer to be in force and effect, and in such case, it shall be deemed that Party A breaches the terms of this Agreement and therefore shall be liable for all losses and damages suffered by Party B arising therefrom.

  • Assignor’s Rights and Obligations Any Member who shall Transfer any Unit in a manner in accordance with this Agreement shall cease to be a Member with respect to such Units and shall no longer have any rights or privileges, or, except as set forth in this Section 10.06, duties, liabilities or obligations, of a Member with respect to such Units or other interest (it being understood, however, that the applicable provisions of Sections 6.08 and 7.04 shall continue to inure to such Person’s benefit), except that unless and until the Assignee (if not already a Member) is admitted as a Substituted Member in accordance with the provisions of Article XII (the “Admission Date”), (i) such Transferring Member shall retain all of the duties, liabilities and obligations of a Member with respect to such Units, and (ii) the Manager may, in its sole discretion, reinstate all or any portion of the rights and privileges of such Member with respect to such Units for any period of time prior to the Admission Date. Nothing contained herein shall relieve any Member who Transfers any Units in the Company from any liability of such Member to the Company with respect to such Units that may exist as of the Admission Date or that is otherwise specified in the Delaware Act or for any liability to the Company or any other Person for any materially false statement made by such Member (in its capacity as such) or for any present or future breaches of any representations, warranties or covenants by such Member (in its capacity as such) contained herein or in the Other Agreements with the Company.

  • Holder’s Right to Transfer If all of the Shares proposed in the Notice to be transferred to a given Proposed Transferee are not purchased by the Company and/or its assignee(s) as provided in this Section, then the Holder may sell or otherwise transfer such Shares to that Proposed Transferee at the Offered Price or at a higher price, provided that such sale or other transfer is consummated within 120 days after the date of the Notice, that any such sale or other transfer is effected in accordance with any applicable securities laws and that the Proposed Transferee agrees in writing that the provisions of this Section shall continue to apply to the Shares in the hands of such Proposed Transferee. If the Shares described in the Notice are not transferred to the Proposed Transferee within such period, a new Notice shall be given to the Company, and the Company and/or its assignees shall again be offered the Right of First Refusal before any Shares held by the Holder may be sold or otherwise transferred.

  • Other Rights and Obligations of the Authority Upon Termination for any reason whatsoever, the Authority shall:

  • No Assignment or Transfer Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Award Agreement, neither this Award Agreement nor any rights granted herein shall be assignable by the Participant. Neither this Award Agreement nor any rights granted herein shall be transferable by the Participant in any circumstances, except on the death of the Participant.

  • Assignee’s Rights (a) The Transfer of a Company Interest in accordance with this Agreement shall be effective as of the date of its assignment (assuming compliance with all of the conditions to such Transfer set forth herein), and such Transfer shall be shown on the books and records of the Company. Profits, Losses and other Company items shall be allocated between the transferor and the Assignee according to Code Section 706, using any permissible method as determined in the reasonable discretion of the Manager. Distributions made before the effective date of such Transfer shall be paid to the transferor, and Distributions made after such date shall be paid to the Assignee.

  • Trustee’s Rights and Obligations The Trustee is entitled to receive, and will be fully protected in relying upon, an Opinion of Counsel stating that the execution of any amendment, supplement or waiver authorized pursuant to this Article is authorized or permitted by the Indenture. If the Trustee has received such an Opinion of Counsel, it shall sign the amendment, supplement or waiver so long as the same does not adversely affect the rights of the Trustee. The Trustee may, but is not obligated to, execute any amendment, supplement or waiver that affects the Trustee’s own rights, duties or immunities under the Indenture.

  • Independent Nature of Rights and Obligations Nothing contained herein, and no action taken by any party pursuant hereto, shall be deemed to constitute Investor and the Sponsor as, and the Sponsor acknowledges that Investor and the Sponsor do not so constitute, a partnership, an association, a joint venture or any other kind of entity, or create a presumption that Investor and the Sponsor are in any way acting in concert or as a group with respect to such obligations or the transactions contemplated by this Agreement or any matters, and the Sponsor acknowledges that Investor and the Sponsor are not acting in concert or as a group, and the Sponsor shall not assert any such claim, with respect to such obligations or the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.

  • Agent may assume receipt Clause 16.7 shall not affect any claim which the Agent has under the law of restitution, and applies irrespective of whether the Agent had any form of notice that it had not received the sum which it made available.

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