Lunch Sample Clauses

Lunch. If the Company elects to furnish a lunch meal, it will be suitable and may be in the form of a box lunch. The meal shall be eaten at the job site or a Company designated location. Employees eating a box lunch or other Company-provided lunch at the job site will be allowed 30 minutes paid time to eat and will also be granted the dollar amount of the meal allowance as specified under the labor agreement.
Lunch. Except for emergency situations, all County employees shall be allowed a lunch period of not less than 30 minutes nor more than 1 hour which shall be scheduled generally in the middle of the work shift. The exact time and duration of such lunch period shall be within the discretion of the Department Head. Lunch periods shall not be counted as part of total hours worked except for those employees for whom lunch periods include the actual performance of assigned duties.
Lunch. Employees who work five (5) or more consecutive hours shall receive an unpaid, uninterrupted, duty- free lunch period of at least thirty (30) minutes in duration. In the event that an employee is required to work during his/her lunch period or part thereof, he/shall shall be paid at the appropriate hourly rate. Except in unusual circumstances when so notified, employees may leave the premises during their lunch period but shall let the office know they have left the grounds. Employees will be expected to clock out and clock in for their lunch period.
Lunch. The lunch meal may be taken one half (½) hour either side of midshift, e.g. shift of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. – midshift is 12:00 p.m. Lunch may be taken as early as 11:30 a.m. and is to be consumed by 1:00 p.m. If an employee does not have a one half (½) hour lunch break within this time period, such employee shall be paid one half (½) hour at the applicable overtime rate and given reasonable time to consume his/her lunch. Such time shall be paid for as part of the daily overtime. CLAUSE 9 – TRANSPORTATION, OUT-OF-TOWN JOBS
Lunch. Employees working at least five (5) hours per day shall be granted a thirty (30) minute uninterrupted and duty-free unpaid lunch. If there is mutual agreement between the principal or his/her designee and an employee for the employee to work during their lunch time, then the employee shall receive his/her normal rate of pay. Working through the lunch period does not entitle an employee to leave early.
Lunch. A lunch time each day equivalent to the student lunch time with a minimum of 11 circumstance the teacher’s lunch period shall be duty-free.
Lunch. Each member while on his/her twelve-hour shift shall have two rest or lunch periods of forty- five (45) minutes each. One is to be scheduled midway through the first six (6) hours of the shift, and the other midway through the second six (6) hours of the shift. Alternatively, by mutual agreement of the member and the supervisor, there may be one (1) rest or lunch period of ninety (90) minutes. Lunch or rest periods not taken as a result of work commitments shall be paid for at straight time.
Lunch. Employees will be allowed an unpaid lunch period of at least thirty (30) minutes as scheduled by the immediate supervisor. In addition, employees will be allowed to take a fifteen (15) minute relief period as scheduled by the immediate supervisor both before and after lunch period but not in connection with the lunch period. In the event that employees are required to work in excess of ten (10) hours in a work day, they will be allowed an additional fifteen (15) minute relief period as scheduled by the immediate supervisor. Employees working full time in the boiler houses will not be provided an unpaid lunch period. Those employees may eat lunch during their regular shift while performing work and receiving pay.
Lunch. Each employee, with the exception of Noon Hour Assistants, shall be entitled to an unpaid lunch period of a minimum of one-half (1/2 hour) to a maximum of one (1) hour, free from assigned duties, which will be scheduled between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
Lunch a) A lunch period of thirty (30) minutes will be established between the three and one-half (3 ½) and the four and one-half (4 ½) hour of the regular work day. The Employer will provide a suitable and sanitary place to eat.