Bylaws and Regulations Sample Clauses

Bylaws and Regulations. The Authority shall have the power to adopt such bylaws and regulations as are necessary or convenient for the conduct of the Authority so long as such bylaws and regulations are not in conflict with the provisions of this Agreement or applicable law.
Bylaws and Regulations. The Council and the administration of the Regime shall be governed by (1) the bylaws (Bylaws), Exhibit E, attached to this Master Deed and hereby incorporated by reference in it, and (2) any regulations (Regulations) adopted pursuant to the Bylaws. The Bylaws may be modified or amended only in the manner set forth in Article IX of this Master Deed.
Bylaws and Regulations. The board shall cause to be developed Authority ByLaws, and a Policy and Procedure Manual, to govern the day-to-day operations of the Authority, which are not inconsistent either with applicable law or with this Agreement. Each board member and each Participating Agency shall receive a copy of any ByLaws, Policy Statement or Manual developed under this Agreement. Thereafter, the board may adopt additional ByLaws and regulations which are not inconsistent either with applicable law or with this Agreement. The risk manager shall send to each board member and to each Participating Agency each bylaw and regulation and amendment promptly after its adoption by the board.

Related to Bylaws and Regulations

  • Applicable Laws and Regulations All transactions in the Customer Account will be subject to federal securities laws and regulations, the applicable laws and regulations of any state or jurisdiction in which the Broker is registered, the rules of any applicable self-regulatory organization of which the Broker is a member and the rules, regulations, customs and usages of the exchange or market, and its clearing house, if any, where the transactions are executed. In no event will the Broker be obligated to effect any transaction it believes would violate any federal or state law, rule or regulation or the rules or regulations of any regulatory or self-regulatory organization.

  • Governmental Rules and Regulations The provisions of this Agreement are subject to any and all present and future statutes, orders, rules and regulations of any duly constituted authority having jurisdiction of the relationship and transactions defined by this Agreement.

  • Sanctions Laws and Regulations The Borrower shall not, directly or indirectly, use the proceeds of the Loans or any Letter of Credit or lend, contribute or otherwise make available such proceeds to any Guarantor, Subsidiary, Unconsolidated Affiliate or other Person (i) to fund any activities or business of or with any Designated Person, or in any country or territory, that at the time of such funding is itself the subject of territorial sanctions under applicable Sanctions Laws and Regulations, (ii) in any manner that would result in a violation of applicable Sanctions Laws and Regulations by any party to this Agreement, or (iii) in any manner that would cause the Borrower, the Guarantors or any of their respective Subsidiaries to violate the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. None of the funds or assets of the Borrower or Guarantors that are used to pay any amount due pursuant to this Agreement shall constitute funds obtained from transactions with or relating to Designated Persons or countries which are themselves the subject of territorial sanctions under applicable Sanctions Laws and Regulations. Borrower shall maintain policies and procedures designed to achieve compliance with Sanctions Laws and Regulations.

  • Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations (a) The Company shall not be required to issue or deliver any Shares pursuant to this Agreement pending compliance with all applicable federal and state securities and other laws (including any registration requirements or tax withholding requirements) and compliance with the rules and practices of any stock exchange upon which the Company’s Shares are listed.

  • Laws and Regulations Notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement to the contrary, no Party shall be required to take any act, or fail to take any act, under this Agreement if the effect thereof would be to cause such Party to be in violation of any applicable law, statute, rule or regulation.

  • Compliance with Applicable Laws, Rules and Regulations The Dealer Manager represents to the Company that (a) it is a member of FINRA in good standing, and (b) it and its employees and representatives who will perform services hereunder have all required licenses and registrations to act under this Agreement. With respect to its participation and the participation by each Participating Dealer in the offer and sale of the Offered Shares (including, without limitation, any resales and transfers of Offered Shares), the Dealer Manager agrees, and, by virtue of entering into the Participating Dealer Agreement, each Participating Dealer shall have agreed, to comply with any applicable requirements of the Securities Act and the Exchange Act, applicable state securities or blue sky laws, and, specifically including, but not in any way limited to, NASD Conduct Rules 2340 and 2420, and FINRA Conduct Rules 2310, 5130 and 5141.

  • Laws, Rules and Regulations You agree to comply with all existing and future operating procedures used by the Bank for processing of transactions. You further agree to comply with, and be bound by, all applicable state or federal laws, rules, regulations, orders, guidelines, operating circulars and pronouncements, affecting checks and drafts, including, but not limited to, all rules and procedural guidelines established by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve and the Electronic Check Clearing House Organization ("ECCHO") and any other clearinghouse or other organization in which Bank is a member or to which rules Bank has agreed to be bound. These procedures, rules, and regulations (collectively the "Rules") and laws are incorporated herein by reference. In the event of conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the Rules, the Rules will control.

  • Notification of Laws and Regulations The Servicer shall immediately notify the Issuer, the Indenture Trustee and the Rating Agencies in writing if it becomes aware of any Requirements of Law or CPUC Regulations hereafter promulgated that have a material adverse effect on the Servicer’s ability to perform its duties under this Agreement.

  • Environmental Laws and Regulations (a) Except as set forth in Section 3.8 of the Company Disclosure Schedule or as would not have, individually or in the aggregate, a Company Material Adverse Effect: (i) no notice, notification, demand, request for information, citation, summons, complaint or order has been received, no penalty has been assessed, and no investigation, action, claim, suit, proceeding or review is pending or, to the knowledge of the Company, is threatened by any Governmental Entity or other person relating to the Company or any Subsidiary of the Company or against any person or entity whose liability the Company or any of its Subsidiaries has or may have retained or assumed either contractually or by operation of law, and relating to or arising out of any Environmental Law, (ii) the Company and its Subsidiaries are, and except for matters that have been fully resolved with the applicable Governmental Entity, since January 1, 2008 have been in compliance with all Environmental Laws (which compliance includes, but is not limited to, possession of all Company Permits and compliance with the terms and conditions thereof), (iii) the Company is not obligated to conduct or pay for, and is not conducting or paying for, any response, remedial, investigatory or corrective action under any Environmental Law at any location, (iv) there has been no release of Hazardous Materials at any real property currently owned, leased or operated by the Company or any Subsidiary of the Company or, to the knowledge of the Company, formerly owned, leased or operated by the Company or any Subsidiary of the Company or at any offsite disposal location used by the Company or any Subsidiary of the Company to dispose of any Hazardous Materials in concentrations or under circumstances that would require reporting or be reasonably likely to result in investigation, remediation or other corrective or response action by the Company or any Subsidiary of the Company or, to the knowledge of Company and its Subsidiaries, by any person or entity whose liability the Company or any of its Subsidiaries has or may have retained or assumed either contractually or by operation of law, under any Environmental Law, (v) the Company is not party to any order, judgment or decree that imposes any obligations under any Environmental Law, (vi) there have been no ruptures or explosions in the Company Systems resulting in personal injury, loss of life or material property damage, except to the extent any claims related to such ruptures have been resolved and (vii) there are no defects, corrosion or other damage to any of the Company Systems that could reasonably be expected to result in a pipeline integrity failure.

  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations (a) The exercise of this option and the issuance of the Option Shares upon such exercise shall be subject to compliance by the Corporation and Optionee with all applicable requirements of law relating thereto and with all applicable regulations of any stock exchange (or the Nasdaq National Market, if applicable) on which the Common Stock may be listed for trading at the time of such exercise and issuance.