Appointment and Replacement of Grievance Arbitrator Sample Clauses

Appointment and Replacement of Grievance Arbitrator. (a) The parties to this Agreement shall agree upon the appointment of a Grievance Arbitrator, who shall serve for the duration of this Agreement; provided, however, that as of September 1, 2006, and as of each successive September 1, either of the parties to this Agreement may discharge the Grievance Arbitrator by serving written notice upon him and upon the other party to this Agreement during the period July 27 through August 1 immediately preceding each such September 1; and provided, further, that as of the April 30 of the last Season covered by this Agreement (or any extension thereof), either of the parties may discharge the Grievance Arbitrator by serving written notice upon him and upon the other party to this Agreement during the period March 26 through March 31 immediately preceding such April 30. A Grievance Arbitrator as to whom a notice of discharge has been served shall continue to have jurisdiction only with respect to (i) Grievances as to which a hearing has been commenced or scheduled for a date certain and (ii) Grievances filed within the thirty (30) day period preceding the service of a notice of discharge; provided, however, that a hearing with respect to Grievances referred to in this subsection (ii) must commence no later than thirty (30) days following the effective date of the Grievance Arbitrator’s discharge.

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  • Appointment and Replacement of Special Servicer (a) Midland Loan Services, a Division of PNC Bank, National Association is hereby appointed as the initial Special Servicer to service each Specially Serviced Loan and related REO Property.

  • Appointment of the Arbitrator When a Party has requested that a grievance be submitted to arbitration, an Arbitrator shall be selected from the agreed upon list outlined in Appendix B.

  • Appointment of Arbitrator Within thirty (30) days of service of a demand for arbitration by either party to this Agreement, the parties shall endeavor in good faith to select from the AAA list of labor and employment arbitrators a single arbitrator, who must be a licensed attorney; if the parties fail to do so within such thirty (30) day period, an arbitrator shall be selected in accordance with the AAA Rules.

  • Appointment of Arbitrators The members of the arbitration panel shall be chosen from disinterested persons with at least 10 years experience in the insurance and reinsurance business. Unless a single arbitrator is agreed upon, the party requesting arbitration (hereinafter referred to as the “claimant”) shall appoint an arbitrator and give written notice thereof by certified mail, to the other party (hereinafter referred to as the “respondent”) together with its notice of intention to arbitrate. Within 30 days after receiving such notice, the respondent shall also appoint an arbitrator and notify the claimant thereof by certified mail. Before instituting a hearing, the two arbitrators so appointed shall choose an umpire. If, within 20 days after the appointment of the arbitrator chosen by the respondent, the two arbitrators fail to agree upon the appointment of an umpire, each of them shall nominate three individuals to serve as umpire, of whom the other shall decline two and the umpire shall be chosen from the remaining two by drawing lots. The name of the individual first drawn shall be the umpire.

  • Appointment of mediator Within 10 Working Days of receipt of the notice referring the Dispute to mediation, the parties will agree on the identity of the mediator or, if they cannot agree within that timeframe, the mediator will be appointed by the President (or equivalent) of the New Zealand chapter of LEADR.

  • GRIEVANCES AND ARBITRATION Section 1. Where an employee has the right to process a grievance through either the procedure provided herein or through the Pennsylvania Civil Service Commission and files an appeal with the Commission, either the contract grievance procedure shall cease, if the employee has submitted a contract grievance, or the employee shall not be entitled to institute proceedings under the contract grievance procedure. If the appeal to the Commission is withdrawn by the employee or not accepted by the Commission within l5 working days of the date of the occurrence of the action giving rise to the grievance, the processing of a contract grievance filed within the time limits set forth in Section 2 shall be permitted.

  • Grievance Arbitration Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, for the purposes of this Article, an Employee has the right to grieve any filling of a vacancy or Assignment in the bargaining unit.

  • Appointment and Removal of Directors The Directors shall be appointed and may be removed as follows:

  • Appointment and Services (a) The Trust appoints the Administrator to provide the administrative services set out in Appendix A to this Agreement (the “Administrative Services”) for the benefit of the Trust and the Funds. The Administrator accepts its appointment and agrees to provide the Administrative Services for the compensation set out in this Agreement.

  • GRIEVANCE AND ARBITRATION 15.01 Either the Employer, the Union or any employee has a right to lodge a grievance with respect to any matter arising out of this Agreement or concerning the interpretation, application or alleged violation of this Agreement.