Positive Sample Clauses

Positive. This includes a member with a diminished mental capacity, who is uncooperative and displays disruptive behavior due to the member’s special needs. The County will notify the Department’s Medicaid Fiscal Agent in writing of all disenrollments and the reason for disenrollment. The Department must ensure that members with medical status codes that are not eligible for County enrollment are appropriately disenrolled according to Department policy. If a member is disenrolled from WM because of a loss of BadgerCare Plus eligibility for a period of two months or less, WM will allow voluntary re-enrollment into the program. This section does not prevent the County from assisting in the disenrollment process for individuals who the Department determines should be assigned a different medical status code. Members may disenroll for other reasons, such as poor quality of care, lack of access to services covered under the contract, or lack of access to providers experienced in serving the member’s health care needs. When a member’s change in circumstance has been identified and verified by the County, the County must provide prompt written notification and proof of the change to DHS or the appropriate entity as designated by DHS. Changes in circumstance include:
Positive sequence component of the fundamental frequency AC bus voltage at either the West 49th Street 345kV Substation 345kV AC bus or the Bergen 230kV AC bus greater than the upper limit or less than the lower limit as specified in Figure G-1. For the period up to 0.5 seconds, the upper voltage limit specified in Figure G-1 shall be applied to the greater of the fundamental- frequency positive-sequence AC bus voltage in pu on the nominal line-to-line rms voltage, the crest phase-to-ground voltage of any AC bus phase in pu of times the nominal line-to-line rms voltage, and the crest phase-to-phase voltage of any AC bus phase in pu of times the nominal line-to-line rms AC bus voltage.
Positive. Except in extreme situations, in the first instance that an employee tests positive on the confirmatory test, and where there are no other City or Department rule violations, the employee may be subject to a suspension not to exceed five (5) work days. The foregoing limit on suspension is conditioned upon the employee agreeing to:
Positive lab test results shall be furnished within 72 hours and failing results shall be furnished within 24 hours, unless duration of tests exceed these limits;
Positive. In the first instance that an employee tests positive for drugs or is found to meet or exceed the blood alcohol level as specified in Section 33.12, the employee may be subject a suspension. Suspension is conditioned upon the employee agreeing to:
Positive metersAmerican Gas Association Measurement Committee Report No. 6 (American Gas Association Report No. 6), dated January 1971, and any subsequent amendments, revisions or modifications thereof.
Positive. COVENANTS So long as any amounts remain outstanding and unpaid under this Agreement or so long as any commitment under this Agreement remains in effect, the Borrower will and will ensure that its subsidiaries and each of the Guarantors will observe the Standard Positive Covenants set out in Schedule "A" and in addition will:
Positive learning outcomes shall be given consideration in the development of an employee’s CDP Plan, but not used as the sole criteria for determining the successful completion of the plan.
Positive. 1sg 2sg 3sg si- ku- ku- ku- taka taka taka ha- ha- u- a- 1pl 2pl 3pl ha- ha- ha- tu- m- wa- ku- ku- ku- taka taka taka Negative Stump (2001) on Portmanteau Agreement in Swahili “in place of the expected combination of the negative prefix ha- and the 1sg subject-agreement prefix ni-, one finds a single prefix si-; si- is unusual in that its appearance excludes that of both a competing position V prefix and a competing position IV prefix. The prefix si- is, in other words, a member (in fact, the only member) of a portmanteau position class which is simultaneously associated with positions V and IV.” (p.140/141) Portmanteau Analysis: Vocabulary Items ta- ↔ [+Past] ku- ↔ [+Fut] / [+Neg] li- ↔ [+Fut] ni- ↔ [+1-pl] u- ↔ [+2-pl] tu- ↔ [+1+pl] ha- ↔ [+Neg] si- ↔ [+Neg][+1 -pl] ³ Alternative Analysis of Swahili‌ ni- ha- si- Ø- ) Head1 has an overt allomorph contextually restricted to Head2 ) Head2 has a Ø-allomorph contextually restricted to Head1 Alternative Analysis: Vocabulary Items ta- ↔ [+Past] ku- ↔ [+Fut] / [+Neg] li- ↔ [+Fut] si- ↔ [+1] [ -pl] [+Neg] ni- ↔ [+1-pl] u- ↔ [+2-pl] tu- ↔ [+1+pl] Ø- ↔ [+Neg] / [-pl] ha- ↔ [+Neg] Alternative Analysis: Derivation of si-ku-taka, ‘I won’t want’ [+Neg] [+1-pl] [+Fut] taka [//+////////F///////u////////t/] ku-taka ta- ↔ [+Past] ku- ↔ [+Fut] / [+Neg] li- ↔ [+Fut] [//+////////1/////-pl] si-ku-taka si- ↔ [+1] [ -pl] [+Neg] ni- u- tu- ↔ [+1-pl] ↔ [+2-pl] ↔ [+1+pl] [//+////////N/////////e///////g/////] si-ku-taka Ø- ↔ [+Neg] / [-pl] ha- ↔ [+Neg] The Tradeoff Alternative Analysis Portmanteau Analysis An additional type of vocabulary items 1 more vocabulary item Restructuring vocabulary insertion More structural ambiguity Guarani‌‌ Intr. Erg. sg pl 1 a- ro- 2 re- pe-
Positive. The first confirmed positive test result will be cause for a three (3) shift day disciplinary suspension which penalty shall be final and binding on the Union and the employee, and shall not be subject to the grievance procedure. The employee must agree to the following conditions: (1) the employee will be mandatorily referred to the City’s Employee Assistance Program for evalu- ation, diagnosis, and development of a treatment plan consistent with generally accepted standards; and (2) the employee will be required to cooperate in the treatment plan, undergo unannounced periodic drug and/or alcohol screening for a period of up to twelve (12) months after completion of treatment, successfully complete the prescribed treatment, remain free of drug and alcohol use, and sign an agreement consenting to said conditions. Failure to comply with these conditions of continued employment shall be cause for discharge.