Positive Sample Clauses

Positive sequence component of the fundamental frequency AC bus voltage at either the Xxxx 00xx Xxxxxx 345kV Substation 345kV AC bus or the Bergen 230kV AC bus greater than the upper limit or less than the lower limit as specified in Figure G-1. For the period up to 0.5 seconds, the upper voltage limit specified in Figure G-1 shall be applied to the greater of the fundamental- frequency positive-sequence AC bus voltage in pu on the nominal line-to-line rms voltage, the crest phase-to-ground voltage of any AC bus phase in pu of times the nominal line-to-line rms voltage, and the crest phase-to-phase voltage of any AC bus phase in pu of times the nominal line-to-line rms AC bus voltage.
Positive. When referring to an alcohol or drug-use test administered under this policy, means a toxicological test result which is considered to demonstrate the presence of alcohol or an illegal chemical substance or the metabolites thereof using the cutoff standards or levels determined by the State Board of Health or, in the absence of such State Board cutoff levels, using the cutoff standards customarily established by the testing laboratory administering the alcohol or drug-use test.
Positive. This includes a member with a diminished mental capacity, who is uncooperative and displays disruptive behavior due to the member’s special needs. The County will notify the Department’s Medicaid Fiscal Agent in writing of all disenrollments and the reason for disenrollment. The Department must ensure that members with medical status codes that are not eligible for County enrollment are appropriately disenrolled according to Department policy. If a member is disenrolled from WM because of a loss of BadgerCare Plus eligibility for a period of two months or less, WM will allow voluntary re-enrollment into the program. This section does not prevent the County from assisting in the disenrollment process for individuals who the Department determines should be assigned a different medical status code. Members may disenroll for other reasons, such as poor quality of care, lack of access to services covered under the contract, or lack of access to providers experienced in serving the member’s health care needs. When a member’s change in circumstance has been identified and verified by the County, the County must provide prompt written notification and proof of the change to DHS or the appropriate entity as designated by DHS. Changes in circumstance include:
Positive. In the first instance that an employee tests positive for drugs or is found to meet or exceed the blood alcohol level as specified in Section 33.12, the employee may be subject a suspension. Suspension is conditioned upon the employee agreeing to:
Positive. Alternatives provide fun, challenging, and structured activities with supervision so people have constructive and healthy ways to enjoy free time and learn skills. These alcohol and drug-free activities are provided with the intent to help people, particularly young people, stay away from situations that encourage use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs.
Positive. Neg. 5 Negative by higher levels of empathy and prosocial behavior. The link between popularity and prosocial behavior seems less straightforward, as previous research shows that prosocial behavior is related to friendship quality, but not for popular adolescents (Xxxxxxxxx et al., 2012). Therefore we did not have strong expectations regarding the role of empathy and prosocial behavior in the link between popularity and friendship quality. A special type of prosocial behavior is other-regarding decision-making when distributing valuable goods. Choos- ing to divide equally indicates a willingness to build relationships on fairness and within friendships, balance is an important condition of friendship positive quality and connectedness (Deutz, Lansu, & Xxxxxxxxx, 2014). We asked our participants to choose between equity or inequity in an experimental paradigm. We expected that an attitude toward fairness would be related to friendship quality. Looking at peer status, we expected there to be more fairness with higher peer status, because previous research shows associations between both preference and popularity and proso- cial behavior. Conversely, “divide and conquer” is an ancient strategy to attain power and this is not in line with a strong preference for fairness. We made a distinction between positive and negative friendship quality. The two are related yet distinct and uniquely contribute to the overall quality of a friendship. Positive friendship quality entails friendship aspects such as intimacy, closeness, and companionship. Negative quality entails conflict and imbalance (Xxxxxxxx, Xxxx, & Xxxxxx, 1994). Especially since adolescents high in peer status have the ability to exert power over the peer group (Xxxxxxxxx & Rose, 2005), it is important to address both the positive qualities of friendship and the challenging qualities of imbal- ance and conflict. Popular adolescents are known for using controlling strategies in social interactions (Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx- xxxx, & Xxxxxxxx, 2008), which might be reflected in their friendships. In our analyses we thus explored links with these two distinct aspects of friendship quality.
Positive. Except in extreme situations, in the first instance that an employee tests positive on the confirmatory test, and where there are no other City or Department rule violations, the employee may be subject to a suspension not to exceed five (5) work days. The foregoing limit on suspension is conditioned upon the employee agreeing to:
Positive metersAmerican Gas Association Measurement Committee Report No. 6 (American Gas Association Report No. 6), dated January 1971, and any subsequent amendments, revisions or modifications thereof.
Positive lab test results shall be furnished within 72 hours and failing results shall be furnished within 24 hours, unless duration of tests exceed these limits;