Appeal Against Dismissal Sample Clauses

Appeal Against Dismissal. 8.6.1 If the Board accepts a dismissal recommendation (see 8.5), the faculty employee shall have the right, within twenty (20) calendar days from the time of notification of the Board's decision, to submit an appeal to an Arbitration Board under 3.6.
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Appeal Against Dismissal. The Musician is entitled to appeal against the outcome of this decision, normally to the Chief Executive and Music Director. If the Chief Executive and Music Director has been involved in the decision process, the appeal would be heard by a member of the Board. Such an appeal should be lodged within seven days of the date of the notice of termination of employment. The Musician is required to state his / her full grounds for appeal in the appeal notice. Whilst the appeal will not normally entail any further re-auditions; if the Musician presents reasonable mitigating circumstances, then such a request may be considered.

Related to Appeal Against Dismissal

  • APPEAL ACTIONS Appeal of TMA actions under this agreement, to the extent they are allowable, will be pursuant to 32 CFR 199.10.

  • Dismissal The School shall not dismiss or transfer a student involuntarily, unless the dismissal or transfer is accomplished through procedures established by the School that are in compliance with applicable laws and due process requirements, provided that any dismissal of a student with a disability shall comply with the requirements of Ch. 8-60, HAR.

  • Complaints Against Teachers When a person makes a written or verbal complaint against a teacher, the principal or designee shall promptly notify the teacher of the complaint, the identity of the complainant, and the teacher shall be given the opportunity to respond. The principal or designee shall investigate the complaint and attempt to resolve the complaint informally if appropriate.

  • Dismissal of the Proceedings (1) Upon the Effective Date, the Ontario Action shall be dismissed with prejudice and without costs as against the Settling Defendants.

  • Claims Against the School District It is understood that the School District's only obligation is to purchase an insurance policy and pay such amounts as agreed to herein and no claim shall be made against the School District as a result of a denial of insurance benefits by an insurance carrier.

  • Complaints Against Employees Any complaint against an employee that may lead to disciplinary action shall be promptly called to the attention of the employee. No complaint against an employee may be used in a disciplinary action against that employee unless the complaint was discussed with the employee in a timely fashion.

  • Waiver of Hearing The Discharger has been informed of the rights provided by Water Code section 13323, subdivision (b), and hereby waives its right to a hearing before the Central Valley Water Board.

  • FAIR DISMISSAL Dismissal or non-reemployment of teachers shall be done in conformance with current Oklahoma law pursuant to Teacher Due Process Act of 1990, OKLA. STAT.tit. 70, Section 6-101.20 et seq. For all continuing contract teachers, prior to the first Monday in June of each school year, the building principal or immediate supervisor shall make a written recommendation for any teacher that he/she recommends for non-reemployment. Additionally, the building principal or immediate supervisor will notify the teacher that a recommendation for non-reemployment is being made to the Superintendent. The teacher’s complete personnel file including all written evaluations and written responses shall be presented to the Board at the meeting in which the Board will consider renewal, non-renewal, or consider dismissal of the teacher's contract. Dismissal or non-renewal of probationary teacher shall be for cause and preceded by:

  • Appeal (1) An appeal against a decision of the Court of First Instance may be brought before the Court of Appeal by any party which has been unsuccessful, in whole or in part, in its submissions, within two months of the date of the notification of the decision.

  • Instant Dismissal Nothing in clauses 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 or 10.5 prevents instant dismissal without notice in the case of serious misconduct.

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