Aluminum Sample Clauses

Aluminum. All exposed metal surfaces except for the inside of the visors of the assembled traffic signal head shall be electrostatically applied powder-coat paint. The inside of the visors shall be provided with two coats of high-grade flat black finish paint.
Aluminum. All exposed metal surfaces shall be electrostatically applied powder-coat paint or given two separately baked-on coats of high-grade enamel.
Aluminum. As indicated on the plans. Use only prequalified based metals listed in AWS D1.2/D1.2M – 2008.
Aluminum. Al-T Al-E Wildlife, Livestock & Irrigation Guideline for Al-T 6000 5000 4000 ug/L 3000 2000 1000 Feb-90 Aug-90 Feb-91 Aug-91 Feb-92 Aug-92 Feb-93 Aug-95 Feb-96 Aug-96 Feb-97 Aug-97 Feb-98 Aug-98 Feb-99 Aug-99 Feb-00 Aug-00 Feb-01 Aug-01 Feb-02 Aug-02 Feb-03 Aug-03 Aug-04 Date
Aluminum. 6.1 A double-winged entrance door made of Kxxxx 2000 aluminum or equivalent according to the planning of the architect.
Aluminum. All extruded aluminum sections shall be 2" x 4-1/2" front set glazed with captured horizontal and butt glazed vertical mullions, Kynar (70%) premium finish.
Aluminum. Samples of each finish type and color, on 6-inch- long sections of extrusions and squares of sheet or plate at least 4 inches.
Aluminum. 4-inch- long sections of extrusions and 2-inch squares of sheet or plate.
Aluminum. Aluminum metal scrap including roofing, siding, trims, flashings, gutters, downspouts, mailboxes, satellite dishes, electrical wiring, etc.
Aluminum. At a minimum, 99.5% of the aluminum cans fed into the processing system shall be recovered and processed and be free of contaminants.