Alternate Deadheads Sample Clauses

Alternate Deadheads a. When the first schedule leg(s) of a trip contains a deadhead leg(s), a Flight Attendant may request not to take the scheduled deadhead and instead report for duty forty-five (45) minutes prior to the first leg she/he is scheduled to fly. Crew Scheduling shall not unreasonably withhold approval for this request.

Related to Alternate Deadheads

  • Alternate Work Schedules Workweeks and work shifts of different numbers of hours may be established for overtime-eligible employees by the Employer in order to meet business and customer service needs, as long as the alternate work schedules meet federal and state law. When there is a holiday, employees may be required to switch from their alternate work schedules to regular work schedules.

  • Procedures for Providing NP Through Full NXX Code Migration Where a Party has activated an entire NXX for a single Customer, or activated at least eighty percent (80%) of an NXX for a single Customer, with the remaining numbers in that NXX either reserved for future use by that Customer or otherwise unused, if such Customer chooses to receive Telephone Exchange Service from the other Party, the first Party shall cooperate with the second Party to have the entire NXX reassigned in the LERG (and associated industry databases, routing tables, etc.) to an End Office operated by the second Party. Such transfer will be accomplished with appropriate coordination between the Parties and subject to appropriate industry lead times for movements of NXXs from one switch to another. Neither Party shall charge the other in connection with this coordinated transfer.

  • Shift Rotation Routine shift rotation is not an approach to staffing endorsed by the Employer. Except for emergency situations where it may be necessary to provide safe patient care, shift rotation will not be utilized without mutual consent. If such an occasion should ever occur, volunteers will be sought first. If no one volunteers, the Employer will rotate shifts on an inverse seniority basis until the staff vacancies are filled.

  • Alternate Option If the dates designated by Developer are acceptable to Connecting Transmission Owner, the Connecting Transmission Owner shall so notify Developer and NYISO within thirty (30) Calendar Days, and shall assume responsibility for the design, procurement and construction of the Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities by the designated dates. If Connecting Transmission Owner subsequently fails to complete Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities by the In-Service Date, to the extent necessary to provide back feed power; or fails to complete System Upgrade Facilities or System Deliverability Upgrades by the Initial Synchronization Date to the extent necessary to allow for Trial Operation at full power output, unless other arrangements are made by the Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner for such Trial Operation; or fails to complete the System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades by the Commercial Operation Date, as such dates are reflected in Appendix B hereto; Connecting Transmission Owner shall pay Developer liquidated damages in accordance with Article 5.3, Liquidated Damages, provided, however, the dates designated by Developer shall be extended day for day for each day that NYISO refuses to grant clearances to install equipment.

  • Travel Time Leave provided in paragraphs A and B this Article shall apply to and cover actual and necessary travel to and from such meetings required during normal working hours on the day of the meeting or negotiations, except that MSEA-SEIU bargaining team members traveling one hundred (100) miles or more to negotiations shall be entitled to travel time outside of days of negotiations.