ADDITIONAL COMPANIES AND FUNDS. Unless an Event of Termination (or an event which, with the passage of time or notice, or both, would constitute an Event of Termination) shall have occurred and be continuing, the Distributor may request that an Additional Eligible Fund become a "Fund" (and in connection therewith any investment company, which is registered with the SEC under the Investment Company Act, of which such Eligible Fund is a series, to become a Company) under this Agreement on the Addition Effective Date in respect of such additional Eligible Fund. On and as of such Addition Effective Date in respect of any additional Eligible Fund, (i) such additional Eligible Fund shall become a Fund hereunder and any investment company, which is registered with the SEC under the Investment Company Act, of which such Fund is a series, shall become a Company hereunder, (ii) the Program Documents (including Schedule 1 to the Master Agreement and Schedule 1 to the Purchase Agreement) shall be deemed to be supplemented to reflect such addition, and (iii) any reference in this Agreement to any change or modification since the date of this Agreement or the Closing Date to the Distributor's Contract, Distribution Plan, advisory agreement, Prospectus, Conversion Features, Redemption Features or Contingent Deferred Sales Charge arrangement in respect of such additional Eligible Fund shall be deemed to refer to any change or modification thereof since such Addition Effective Date.


  • Accounting and Financial Determinations Unless otherwise specified, all accounting terms used herein or in any other Loan Document shall be interpreted, all accounting determinations and computations hereunder or thereunder (including under Section 7.2.4) shall be made, and all financial statements required to be delivered hereunder or thereunder shall be prepared in accordance with, those generally accepted accounting principles ("GAAP") applied in the preparation of the financial statements referred to in Section 6.5.

  • Nature of Business; International Operations The Borrower will not, and will not permit any Subsidiary to, allow any material change to be made in the character of its business as currently conducted by it and business activities reasonably incidental thereto as an independent oil and gas exploration and production company with operations in the continental United States. From and after the date hereof, the Borrower and its Subsidiaries will not acquire or make any other expenditure (whether such expenditure is capital, operating or otherwise) in or related to, any Oil and Gas Properties not located within the geographical boundaries of the United States.

  • Definitions and Accounting Matters Section 1.01 Terms Defined Above 1 Section 1.02 Certain Defined Terms 1 Section 1.03 Types of Loans and Borrowings 20 Section 1.04 Terms Generally; Rules of Construction 20 Section 1.05 Accounting Terms and Determinations; GAAP 21

  • Additional Conditions to Obligation of the Company The obligation of the Company to effect the Merger is also subject to the following conditions:

  • Establishment of the Bank Account 2.1 The Escrow Agent shall establish a non-interest bearing bank account at the branch of Washington Mutual Bank or such other bank as selected by the Escrow Agent and reasonably acceptable to the Issuer, and bearing the title set forth on the Information Sheet (heretofore defined as the “Bank Account”). The purpose of the Bank Account is for (a) the deposit of all subscription monies (checks, cash or wire transfers) which are received by the Issuer from prospective purchasers of the Securities and are delivered by the Issuer to the Escrow Agent, (b) the holding of amounts of subscription monies which are collected through the banking system, and (c) the disbursement of collected funds, all as described herein.

  • Books and Records Accounting Tax Matters 40 10.1 Books and Records 40 10.2 Custody of Partnership Funds; Bank Accounts 41 10.3 Fiscal and Taxable Year 41 10.4 Annual Tax Information and Report 41 10.5 Tax Matters Partner; Tax Elections; Special Basis Adjustments 41 10.6 Reports to Limited Partners 42 ARTICLE 11 AMENDMENT OF AGREEMENT 42 ARTICLE 12 GENERAL PROVISIONS 43 12.1 Notices 43 12.2 Survival of Rights 43 12.3 Additional Documents 43 12.4 Severability 43 12.5 Entire Agreement 43 12.6 Pronouns and Plurals 44 12.7 Headings 44 12.8 Counterparts 44 12.9 Governing Law 44 ii EXHIBIT A CONTRIBUTIONS & INTEREST A-1 EXHIBIT B NOTICE OF EXERCISE OF REDEMPTION RIGHT B-1 EXHIBIT C NOTICE OF ELECTION BY PARTNER TO CONVERT LTIP UNITS INTO LIMITED PARTNERSHIP UNITS C-1 EXHIBIT D NOTICE OF ELECTION BY PARTNERSHIP TO FORCE CONVERSION OF LTIP UNITS INTO LIMITED PARTNERSHIP UNITS D-1 LIMITED PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT OF NORTHSTAR REAL ESTATE INCOME TRUST OPERATING PARTNERSHIP LP This Limited Partnership Agreement is entered into this ______ day of ___, 2009, between NorthStar Real Estate Income Trust Inc., a Maryland corporation (the “General Partner”), and the Limited Partners set forth on Exhibit A attached hereto. Capitalized terms used herein but not otherwise defined shall have the meanings given them in Article 1.

  • Initial Advance to Each Designated Subsidiary The obligation of each Lender to make an initial Advance to each Designated Subsidiary is subject to the receipt by the Agent on or before the date of such initial Advance of each of the following, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Agent and dated such date:

  • Responsibilities of Customer A. During the term of this Agreement, Customer shall provide to IMS, in a timely manner, any and all data, information and other items reasonably required to enable IMS to perform the Insurance Administration Services specified in EXHIBIT I of this Agreement. Customer represents and warrants to IMS that it owns and possesses all property rights to its corporate and subsidiary logos and hereby grants and warrants to IMS a limited, non-transferable, non-assignable, license to use Customer's corporate and subsidiary logos (and any other copyrighted or trademarked property of Customer that may be provided to IMS under this Agreement) while performing the Insurance Administration Services. Customer acknowledges and agrees that delays in delivery of required documentation, data and/or information by Customer will result in a similar delay in fulfilling Insurance Administration Services, and that such a delay in performing the Insurance Administration Services shall not be deemed a breach of the Agreement.

  • Maintenance of Records and Accounting Services The Bank will maintain records with respect to transactions for which the Bank is responsible pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations of the 1940 Act. The books and records of the Bank pertaining to its actions under this Agreement and reports by the Bank or its independent accountants concerning its accounting system, procedures for safeguarding securities and internal accounting controls will be open to inspection and audit at reasonable times by officers of or auditors employed by the Fund and will be preserved by the Bank in the manner and in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations under the 1940 Act. The Bank shall perform fund accounting and shall keep the books of account and render statements or copies from time to time as reasonably requested by the Treasurer or any executive officer of the Fund. The Bank shall assist generally in the preparation of reports to shareholders and others, audits of accounts, and other ministerial matters of like nature.

  • Covenant to Provide Financial Information and Maintain Sufficient Capital The Administrator shall obtain and maintain the necessary capital to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement and shall remain solvent. The Administrator will report to the Issuer on a semi-annual basis its current and total assets, current and total liabilities, and total equity and the Company intends to include such amounts in its SEC reports.