Actively Sample Clauses

Actively encourage opportunities for formal and informal joint working, joint use of resources and joint funding options, where this will offer scope for service improvement.
Actively support college and career readiness planning teams in each building to conduct the Postsecondary Success Asset Mapping survey available through the Michigan College Access Network.
Actively. Effective March the Long Term Disability Plan will provide coverage to all full-time employees who are actively employed on that date, subject to the completion of the three (3) consecutive months’ service requirement for recently hired employees noted under Eligibility above. For any individuals who were disabled prior to the effective date of the Long Term Disability Insurance Policy, will not be eligible for this until returns to active employment with the Lodge. The Lodge and the insurer may request appropriate medical certificationto ensure the employee is fit to return to work before coverage is provided.
Actively at-work for a minimum of five hundred (500) hours semiannually, and have not been hospitalized or absent from work for medical reasons for five (5) or more consecutive days in the past three (3) months.
Actively contact potential and actual interested parties and present the Company and its programs in the most favorable light to such parties in soliciting their participation in the activities of the Company in developing such centers.
Actively consider USFS suggestions for changes in water quality standards or water quality policies, when provided with substantial justification that they are unreasonable or unattainable using BMPs.
Actively using alcohol and/or non-prescription drugs is not allowed during group sessions.
Actively and cooperatively participate as a member of the Stroke Audit Committee, and such other related committees that may, from time to time, be named and organized by YEMSA.
Actively work the Territory, to visit customers at regular intervals and to try to canvass new customers;
Actively engage the landowners and other stakeholders within the Innovation District area to balance the expectations of the existing land use system with the proposed vision and solicit participation to help shape and implement this vision.