Julie Grantham

Julie Grantham


Julie Grantham is a seasoned legal expert with over 17 years of experience as both a solo practitioner and former General Counsel. She is skilled at collaborating with and providing oversight to cross-functional teams at all levels to achieve set objectives. She has experience handling legal issues regarding hiring, termination, discipline, discrimination, retaliation, wages, executive agreements and non-competition agreements.

Expertise: Estate Planning, Relational Contracts

Location: Friendswood, Texas

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How to Explain Modern Copyright Rules to Clients

Clients often want to own all the assets but none of the risk. This is especially true with creative work where copyright can have enormous value but distribution can create all kinds of trouble. How do you nudge your clients toward good ownership rules?

The ABCs of NDAs

A non-disclosure agreement might seem like a simple promise of confidentiality between two parties, but there’s a lot more to these contracts. This ebook can take the guesswork out of your next NDA.