Building Blocks of Representations and Warranties

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A good contract is built on honesty and mutual assurance.

Still, it can be hard to know what to disclose up front, and even harder to know how much coverage should be offered to the buyer. In this Ebook, Building Blocks of Representations and Warranties by Samridhi Jain, you’ll learn how to write representations and warranties that leave all parties feeling confident and covered.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Several challenges with representations and warranties, and how to address them

  • Language recommendations during the drafting process

  • Questions to ask when drafting

Starting with good representations and warranties can make the entire bargaining process a whole lot easier. Rest assured, we’re here to help you enhance your drafting experience.


Download the ebook Revise or Replace? by William Peacock


Mike Whelan
Mike Whelan
CEO @Lawyer Forward
Samridhi Jain
Samridhi Jain
Legal Content Strategist

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