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Sometimes a contract just feels wrong. You know the language is awkward and you sense trouble on the horizon, but you aren’t quite sure what’s gone sideways.

In our latest ebook, author and contract advisor Samridhi Jain helps you develop systems for better drafting by raising some red flags.

The ebook—10 Common Contract Drafting Mistakes—calls attention to foibles that’ll bite you in the long run (and irritate clients in the short run).

You’ll learn how to:

  • Ask the right questions before you draft,
  • Engage client priorities without undermining your process, and
  • Develop better systems for the future.

When you turn these warnings into repeatable systems, you’ll draft contracts that are simple, substantive, and succinct.

Download your copy of 10 Common Contract Drafting Mistakes now to take your contracting skills to the next level.


Samridhi Jain
Samridhi Jain
Legal Content Strategist

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