Mastering Your Contract Roadmap

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Completing a contract can sometimes feel like you took a wrong turn and ended up zigzagging across back country roads: you made it home, but the process was inefficient, maybe a bit frightening, and worst of all you weren’t sure if you would ever make it to the end.

However, with the right roadmap, the contract-drafting process can unfold in a logical and predictable manner that makes you feel like you’re cruising home on a smooth, modern highway.

In our latest ebook, legal consultant Marc J. Halsema offers a step by step guide to writing contracts that will keep you on track and ensure you meet key client needs. In Mastering Your Contract Roadmap, Halsema tells us how to:

  • Ensure you’re on the same page with your clients
  • Start with a solid framework as your foundation
  • Tell a backstory that centers the contract’s purpose
  • Easily piece together contract terms like a puzzle
  • Keep client needs and expectations at the forefront


Sure, attorneys know the basics of contract-writing. But writing clear and foolproof contracts is a skill that takes training, practice, and guidance. WIth this new ebook, you’ll have everything you need to keep yourself on the path to pleasing your clients — and yourself!



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Mike Whelan
Mike Whelan
CEO @Lawyer Forward

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