Legal Definitions Dictionary

Business Day 49

Business Day means a day (other than a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday) when commercial banks are open for ordinary banking business in Mumbai, India;

Lu et approuvé 45

Lu et approuvé Prénom Nom ] [ Prénom Nom ]

Person 41

Person means an individual, a partnership, a corporation, a limited liability partnership, a limited liability company, an association, a joint stock company, a trust, a joint venture, an unincorporated organization or an Appropriate Authority;

Affiliate 36

Affiliate With respect to any specified Person, any other Person controlling or controlled by or under common control with such specified Person. For the purposes of this definition, "control" when used with respect to any specified Person means the power to direct the management and policies of such Person, directly or indirectly, whether through the ownership of voting securities, by contract or otherwise and the terms "controlling" and "controlled" have meanings correlative to the foregoing.

Agreement 36

Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.

Confidential Information 34

Confidential Information as defined in Section 19.1;

Services 31

Services means the facilities provided in respect of the BERTHS and/or the WATERWAYS including, without limitation, facilities relating to the supply of water and metered phase power, connections for television and telephone, communal area lighting, removal of sewerage and solid refuse, fire fighting and fuel docking;

Parties 28

Parties means collectively the Transferor Companies, the Transferee Company, RRVL and RRVL WOS and “Party” means each of them, individually;

Client 25

Client désigne l’entité identifiée dans l’offre établie par MSC ou l’Order Schedule en tant que “Client”. 2.2 “Customer” means the entity identified in the MSC quotation or Order Schedule as the “Customer”.

Effective Date 25

Effective Date means the earlier of (i) the opening business hours of the first day of the calendar month immediately succeeding the calendar month in which last of the conditions specified in Clause 33 (Conditions Precedent) of this Scheme are complied with to the satisfaction of RRVL and RRVL WOS or otherwise duly waived by RRVL and RRVL WOS in terms of Clause 33 (Conditions Precedent); and (ii) the day falling on the 10th Business Day after the date on which last of the conditions specified in Clause 33 (Conditions Precedent) of this Scheme are complied with to the satisfaction of RRVL and RRVL WOS or otherwise duly waived by RRVL and RRVL WOS in terms of Clause 33 (Conditions Precedent). Reference in this Scheme to the date of “coming into effect of this Scheme” or “effectiveness of this Scheme” or “effect of this Scheme” or “upon the Scheme becoming effective” shall mean the Effective Date;

Closing Date 23

Closing Date means the Closing Date as defined in the Purchase Agreement.

Commission 22

Commission the Commission de la construction du Québec.

Purchase Price 22

Purchase Price means the purchase price payable by the PURCHASER in terms of this AGREEMENT;

Act 20

Act means the Companies Act, 2013;

Service 18

Service means the service requested by you in your Application and described in the relevant Service Description and Pricing Schedule, and any related goods (including Our Equipment and Purchased Equipment) and ancillary services provided to you by us in connection with that service. Service Commencement Date means the date on which the Service is ready for use.

Transfer 17

Transfer means registration of transfer of the Property into the name of the Purchaser in accordance with the provisions of the Deeds Registries Act No.47 of 1937 (as amended);


COMMENCEMENT DATE means the later date of the following –

Contrat 16

Contrat signifie l’entièreté de la relation contractuelle entre Parties et dont le contenu est repris au sein des Conditions Particulières et des présentes Conditions ;

control 16

control means the possession, directly or indirectly, of the power to direct or cause the direction of the management and policies of a Person, whether through ownership of voting securities, by contract, or otherwise.

including 16

including means without limitation by reason of enumeration.