X−ray system definition

X−ray system means an assemblage of components for the controlled production of x−rays. It includes minimally an x−ray high−voltage generator, an x−ray control, a tube housing assembly, a beam−limiting device and the necessary supporting structures. Additional components, which function with the sys- tem, are considered integral parts of the system.

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  • X-ray system means an assemblage of components for the controlled production of x-rays. It includes minimally an x-ray high-voltage generator, an x-ray control, a tube housing assembly, a beam-limiting device, and the necessary supporting structures. Additional components which function with the system are considered integral parts of the system.

  • Cabinet x-ray system means an x-ray system with the x-ray tube installed in an enclosure independent of existing architectural structures except the floor on which it may be placed. The cabinet x-ray system is intended to contain at least that portion of a material being irradiated, provide radiation attenuation, and exclude personnel from its interior during generation of radiation. Included are all x-ray systems designed primarily for the inspection of carry-on baggage at airline, railroad, and bus terminals, and in similar facilities. An x-ray tube used within a shielded part of a building, or x-ray equipment that may temporarily or occasionally incorporate portable shielding, is not considered a cabinet x-ray system.

  • Diagnostic x-ray system means an x-ray system designed for irradiation of any part of the human or animal body for the purpose of diagnosis or visualization.

  • Analytical x-ray system means a group of components utilizing x-rays to determine the elemental composition or to examine the microstructure of materials.

  • E-Verify system means an Internet-based system operated by the United States Department of Homeland Security that allows participating employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of newly hired employees; and

  • SDX System means the system used by NERC to exchange system data.

  • Secondary Systems means control or power circuits that operate below 600 volts, AC or DC, including, but not limited to, any hardware, control or protective devices, cables, conductors, electric raceways, secondary equipment panels, transducers, batteries, chargers, and voltage and current transformers.

  • Company Systems means all Software (including Company Products), computer hardware (whether general or special purpose), information technology, electronic data processing, information, record keeping, communications, telecommunications, networks, interfaces, platforms, servers, peripherals, and computer systems (including any outsourced systems and processes) that are owned, leased, licensed or used by or for, or otherwise relied on by, the Company or its Subsidiaries in the conduct of their businesses.

  • Family day system means any person who approves family day homes as members of its system;

  • 911 system means the set of network, database and customer premise equipment (CPE) components required to provide 911 service.

  • Technology Systems means the electronic data processing, information, record keeping, communications, telecommunications, hardware, third party software, networks, peripherals and computer systems, including any outsourced systems and processes, and Intellectual Property used by either party and its Subsidiaries or by a third party.

  • Delivery System means the design and construction

  • Contact therapy system means a therapeutic radiation machine with a short target to skin distance (TSD), usually less than five centimeters.

  • Airport System means two or more airports grouped together and serving the same city or conurbation, as indicated in Annex II to Regulation (EEC) No 2408/92;

  • Registry System means the system operated by Registry Operator for Registered Names in the Registry TLD.

  • Disaster Recovery System means the system identified by the Supplier in the Supplier Solution which shall be used for the purpose of delivering the Disaster Recovery Services;

  • Water supply system means a water distribution system, piping, connection fittings, valves and appurtenances within a building, structure, or premises. Water supply systems are also referred to commonly as premise plumbing systems.

  • XXXXX System means the XXXXX filing system of the Commission and the rules and regulations pertaining thereto promulgated by the Commission in Regulation S-T under the Securities Act and the Exchange Act, in each case as the same may be amended or succeeded from time to time (and without regard to format).

  • Production System means a live SAP system used for running Licensee’s internal business operations and where Licensee’s data is recorded.

  • Utility system means a water system, solid waste

  • MERS(R) System The system of recording transfers of Mortgages electronically maintained by MERS.

  • Health system means: (A) A parent corporation of one or more hospitals and any entity affiliated with such parent corporation through ownership, governance, membership or other means, or (B) a hospital and any entity affiliated with such hospital through ownership, governance, membership or other means;

  • Public water supply system means a system for the provision to the public of piped water for human consumption, if the system has at least fifteen service connections or regularly serves at least twenty-five individuals. The term includes any source of water and any collection, treatment, storage, and distribution facilities under control of the operator of the system and used primarily in connection with the system, and any collection or pretreatment storage facilities not under such control which are used primarily in connection with the system.

  • Quality system means documented organizational procedures and policies: internal audits of those policies and procedures: management review and recommendation for quality improvement.”

  • Security System means the building access control system developed by Manager and known as the O.P.E.N.centrix - Open Platform for Essential Networks, which includes, without limitation, the Application Software, the firmware containing the Application Software, the O.P.E.N.cortex platform software and all hardware related thereto;

  • Computer System means a computer and all input, output, processing, storage, off-line media libraries, and communication facilities which are connected to the computer and which are under the control and supervision of the operating system(s) or application(s) software used by the ASSURED.