Vaccine provider definition

Vaccine provider means a health care facility, as defined in s. 155.01 (6), Stats., which administers vaccines, or a local health department or a physician’s office which administers vaccines.
Vaccine provider means a provider that Blue Shield determines meets the Participation Criteria, and has been accepted by and Enrolled by Blue Shield following the execution of a contract by the provider and Blue Shield effective on or after the effective date of this Agreement, as well as the Designated Providers. For clarity, Vaccine Providers are not Subcontractors, agents or representatives of Blue Shield for purposes of this Agreement.
Vaccine provider means any person, including a CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider, that administers a COVID-19 vaccine in the state of Utah.

Examples of Vaccine provider in a sentence

Vaccine provider In recent years, during the influenza pandemic and in response to the pandemic influenza vaccination programme, a National Pandemic System was developed to capture the vaccines administered in mass vaccination clinics and schools as part of the pandemic vaccination response.

Vaccine provider staff shall initiate CPR if the situation warrants it, unless there is a “Do Not Resuscitate” order in place.