Definition of Tranche B-2 Lenders

Tranche B-2 Lenders means the Persons listed on Schedule 1 hereto.
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Examples of Tranche B-2 Lenders in a sentence

Tranche B-2 Lenders means a Lender with an outstanding Tranche B-2 Term Loan or a Commitment to make a Tranche B-2 Term Loan.
Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein and in the Amendment and Restatement Agreement, each Tranche B-2 Lender has severally agreed to convert all or a portion of its existing Tranche B-1 Term Loans into, and the Indebtedness converted by such converted Tranche B-1 Term Loan will remain outstanding as, a Tranche B-2 Term Loan on the Second ARCA Effective Date in a principal amount equal to such Tranche B-2 Lenders Tranche B-2 Commitment.
The Tranche B-2 Lenders, the Tranche B-2 Arrangers and the Agent shall have received all fees required to be paid, and all expenses for which invoices have been presented (including the reasonable documented fees and expenses of legal counsel), on or before the Tranche B-2 Effective Date.
The Tranche B-1 Lenders and the Tranche B-2 Lenders shall be solely responsible for all Loans to be funded under this Agreement from and after the Agreement Effective Date, and all references to the Lenders with respect to the remaining unfunded Commitments shall be deemed references to the Tranche B-1 Lenders and the Tranche B-2 Lenders.
This Amendment shall constitute an Incremental Facility Agreement, the Tranche B-2 Lenders shall constitute Lenders, this Amendment and the Reaffirmation Agreement shall constitute Loan Documents, the Tranche B-2 Loans shall constitute Loans and the Tranche B-2 Commitments shall constitute Incremental Commitments, in each case for all purposes of the Term Loan Agreement and the other Loan Documents.