Definition of Tranche C Lender

Tranche C Lender means each Lender that has a Tranche C Commitment on Schedule 2.1 or any Lender to which a portion of the Tranche C Commitment hereunder has been assigned pursuant to an Assignment and Assumption.

Examples of Tranche C Lender in a sentence

Botthof Title: Vice President Executing as a Renewing Tranche C Lender: by /s/ Michael B.
Each Canadian Borrower hereby unconditionally promises to pay to the Agent for the account of each Applicable Tranche C Lender the then unpaid principal amount of each Tranche C Loan made by such Applicable Tranche C Lender on the Tranche C Maturity Date.
The failure of any Tranche C Lender to fund the Drawing Purchase Price to be funded by it as part of any Drawing shall not relieve any other Tranche C Lender of its obligation hereunder to fund its Drawing Purchase Price on the date of such Drawing, but no Tranche C Lender shall be responsible for the failure of any other Tranche C Lender to fund the Drawing Purchase Price to be funded or made, as the case may be by such other Tranche C Lender on the date of any Drawing.
From and after the First Amendment Effective Date, each Tranche C Term Lender executing and delivering a Tranche C Lender Addendum in the form of Exhibit A hereto shall become a party to the Credit Agreement and have the rights and obligations of a Lender thereunder and under the other Loan Documents and shall be bound by the other provisions thereof.
Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement (including, without limitation, Section 2.13(a)), each Tranche C Lender severally agrees to make one or more loans to the Borrower from time to time from and including the Closing Date to but excluding the Tranche C Commitment Termination Date up to but not exceeding the amount of such Tranche C Lender's Tranche C Commitment as then in effect.