Definition of Tranche A2 Commitment

Tranche A2 Commitment means, with respect to each Tranche A2 Lender, the commitment, if any, of such Tranche A2 Lender to make a Tranche A2 Advance hereunder on the Closing Date and the Merger Date. The initial aggregate amount of the Tranche A2 Lenders' Commitments is $1,450,000,000.

Examples of Tranche A2 Commitment in a sentence

All of the Borrowers obligations under this Article 3 shall survive termination of the Aggregate Tranche A-1 Commitment and/or the Aggregate Tranche A-2 Commitment, repayment of all other Obligations hereunder and resignation of the Administrative Agent.
Aggregate Commitment means the Aggregate Tranche A-1 Commitment and the Aggregate Tranche A-2 Commitment.
Promptly after receipt thereof, the Administrative Agent will notify each Lender of the contents of each Aggregate Tranche A-1 Commitment reduction notice or each Aggregate Tranche A-2 Commitment reduction notice, as applicable, Borrowing Notice, Conversion/Continuation Notice and prepayment notice received by it hereunder.
Aggregate Tranche A-2 Commitment means the aggregate of the Commitments of all the Tranche A-2 Lenders, as may be adjusted from time to time pursuant to the terms hereof.
Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein and in the Amendment and Restatement Agreement, each Tranche A-2 Lender has severally agreed to convert all or a portion of its existing Tranche A Term Loans into, and the Indebtedness converted by such converted Tranche A Term Loan will remain outstanding as, a Tranche A-2 Term Loan on the Second ARCA Effective Date in a principal amount equal to such Tranche A-2 Lenders Tranche A-2 Commitment.