Tourism district definition

Tourism district means a district established under section 10- 397, as amended by this act;
Tourism district means the area established within the City by resolution of the Authority in accordance with the Act. See also “District” defined in this section.
Tourism district means a district established under section 32-302;

Examples of Tourism district in a sentence

  • Subdivision (15) of section 4-230 of the general statutes is repealed and the following is substituted in lieu thereof (Effective from passage): (15) "Tourism district" means a district established under section [32-302] 215 of this act.

  • The Department of Public Works reserves the right to request additional information at its discretion.

  • Two of the proposed zoning districts are primarily intended to preserve working land and facilitate farming, value-added production and agri-tourism – the Rural Heritage and Tourism district and the Rural Resource Protection district.

  • The site of the conference, rebuilt in 1999, has been preserved as a memorial museum and the central institution of this Red Tourism district.

  • In this way, this project has enabled the appropriate sanitary control of lobster and the continuation of export to the European bloc.

  • However, the intent of the Rural Heritage and Tourism district, and to a lesser degree the Rural Resource Protection district, is to provide a simpler permitting pathway for agri-tourism uses.

  • Sindhudurg is Tourism district and Palghar district is having potential for tourism.

  • Tourism district benefits:  Funds cannot be diverted for other government programs, They are customized to fit the needs of each destination, They allow for a wide range of services; including: marketing of the destination, tourism promotion activities and sales lead generation, They are designed, created, and governed, by those who will pay the assessment, They provide a stable funding source for tourism promotion.

  • To support the ongoing use of these lands for agri-tourism, the Rural Heritage and Tourism district makes it easier for those landowners to do more than just farm – there is provision for lodging, dining, recreation, worker housing and other uses on these lands.

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Tourism district means a district established under section [32-302] 215 of this act.
Tourism district means a district established under section 10- 69 397;

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