Definition of Term B-34 Loan

Term B-34 Loan means all Term Loans outstanding under this Agreement immediately prior to the Amendment No. 56 Effective Date.
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Examples of Term B-34 Loan in a sentence

The Term B-34 Loan Commitment of each Term Loan Lender shall terminate upon the funding of such Loans on the Amendment No. 24 Effective Date.
Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein and in Amendment No. 2,3, each Additional Term B-34 Lender agrees to make an Additional Term B-34 Loan to the Borrower on the Amendment No. 23 Effective Date in the principal amount equal to its Additional Term B-34 Commitment on the Amendment No. 23 Effective Date.
Additional Term B-34 Commitment means, with respect to eachthe Additional Term B-34 Lender, its commitment to make a Term B-34 Loan on the Amendment No. 45 Effective Date in an amount equal to $1,200,000,0001,117,000,000 minus the aggregate principal amount of all Converted Term B-23 Loans.