Definition of Term A Credit

Term A Credit means the credit facility for the Term A Loans described in Section 1.2(a) hereof.
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Examples of Term A Credit in a sentence

Except to the extent amended hereby or by any documents executed in connection herewith, all terms, provisions, and conditions of the Revolving Credit Agreement, the Term A Credit Agreement, and the other Facility Documents, and all documents executed in connection therewith, shall continue in full force and effect and shall remain enforceable and binding in accordance with their respective terms.
Pursuant to Section 11.1 of the Term B Credit Agreement, any modifications of the provisions of the Revolving Credit Agreement and Term A Credit Agreement that correspond to Sections 3.5, 3.6, any Section of Article 7, any Section of Article 8, or Sections 9.1(c) through (o) (and related definitions) of the Term B Credit Agreement (collectively, the Auto-Amend Provisions), shall also automatically modify the Auto-Amend Provisions in the Term B Credit Agreement.
The principal amount of each Term A Loan made by a Bank to the Borrower shall permanently reduce the amount available to the Borrower under such Bank's Term A Credit Commitment, and no amount repaid or prepaid on any Term A Loan may be borrowed again.
Such commitment fee shall be payable quarter-annually in arrears on the last day of each March, June, September and December in each year (commencing September 30, 1998) -18- 25 and on the Term A Credit Commitment Termination Date, unless the Term A Credit Commitments are terminated in whole on an earlier date, in which event the commitment fee for the period to the date of such termination in whole shall be paid on the date of such termination.
The Borrower and the Banks acknowledge and agree that the Term A Credit Commitments of the Banks aggregate $22,500,000 on the date hereof.