Definition of Term A-3 Loan Note

Term A-3 Loan Note means a promissory note of the Borrower that is payable to any Term A-3 Loan Lender, substantially in the form of Exhibit A-3 attached hereto, evidencing the aggregate Indebtedness of the Borrower to such Lender resulting from outstanding Term A-3 Loans, and also means all other promissory notes accepted from time to time in substitution therefor or renewal thereof.

Examples of Term A-3 Loan Note in a sentence

To the extent requested, each Lender shall have received its Term A-1 Loan Note, Term A-2 Loan Note, Term A-3 Loan Note, Revolving Note, Multi-Draw Term Note, and Swingline Note, in each case, dated the Effective Date, duly completed as herein provided and duly executed and delivered by an Authorized Officer of the Borrower.