Definition of Telesat

Telesat means Telesat Canada, a corporation continued and existing under the laws of Canada.
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Telesat means Telesat Holdings Inc. and its subsidiaries.
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Examples of Telesat in a sentence

Upon closing of the Loral Call, Loral shall exchange (x) Exchange Consideration (as defined below) equal to the Implicit Loral Purchase Price Per Telesat Share multiplied by the number of Shares subject to the Loral Call, for (y) the number of Shares subject to the Loral Call.
The Company leases office space from Telesat, an affiliate of TMI (see Note 9).
The Company has entered into an operational services agreement with Telesat to provide regular maintenance and tracking of space debris of the MSAT-1 satellite.
The execution and delivery by Telesat IOM of this Agreement has been duly authorized by all necessary and proper corporate action.
Telesat IOM shall be entitled to retain for its own account any amounts collected pursuant to the foregoing powers, including any amounts payable as interest in respect thereof.