Definition of Tech Credit Agreement

Tech Credit Agreement means that certain First Amended and Restated Purchase Agreement, dated November 1, 2010, between SunPower North America LLC and Technology Credit Corporation, as amended on January 25, 2011 and April 18, 2011.
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The defined terms "Capital Lease Obligations," "Change in Control," "Change in Control Amendment," "Change in Control Amendment Date," "EBITDA," "Exiting Lender," "Financial Indebtedness," "Material Indebtedness," "Material Subsidiary," "Permitted Encumbrances," "Project Indebtedness," "Review Period," "Substitute Basis" and "Tech Credit Agreement" in Section 1.01 of the Credit Agreement are hereby deleted in their entirety.
Such Debtor will not sell, transfer, license, lease or otherwise dispose of any portion of the Collateral, or attempt, offer or contract to do so, except in the ordinary course of business or as permitted by the Facility Agreement (including, but not limited to, sales of receivables pursuant to the Tech Credit Agreement).