Definition of TCI Affiliated Group

TCI Affiliated Group means for taxable periods ending on or prior to the Closing Date: (i) the affiliated group, within the meaning of Section 1504(a) of the Code, consisting of TCI and certain of its Subsidiaries, (ii) any combined, consolidated or unitary group, for state, local or foreign Tax purposes that files Joint Returns that include solely members of the TCI Group and the Liberty Group, and (iii) any True Legal Entity that files Joint Returns that include solely members of the TCI Group and Liberty Group.
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If any TCI Affiliated Group NOL for which Liberty has been paid pursuant to this Section 3(d)(viii) expires unutilized (whether by reason of any separate return limitation year or Section 382 restriction or otherwise), Liberty shall repay AT&T the amount of the payment in respect of such expired TCI Affiliated Group NOL, plus interest at 6.5 percent, compounded annually, from the date of deconsolidation.
In the case of any Joint Return of the TCI Affiliated Group with respect to a taxable period that includes but does not end on the Closing Date, such taxable period shall, for purposes of this Agreement, be treated as consisting of one taxable period of the TCI Affiliated Group ending on the Closing Date and another taxable period of the AT&T Affiliated Group beginning on the day after the Closing Date, based on an interim closing of the books as of the end of the day on the Closing Date.
In the case of any portion of the Unused TCI Affiliated Group NOL arising in a member of the Liberty Group which is subject to separate return limitation year, Section 382 or other restrictions arising prior to the Merger Date (a "Liberty SRLY NOL"), such Liberty SRLY NOL shall be available to reduce the Liberty Group's payment obligation only to the extent such Liberty SRLY NOL is actually utilized by the AT&T Affiliated Group.
AT&T and Liberty agree that any federal income Tax or Joint Return Tax liability (including any reduction in the TCI Affiliated Group NOL) arising from or relating to the federal income tax characterization or treatment of any class of tracking stock of TCI or AT&T under the federal income tax law on the date hereof will be equitably apportioned between the TCI Group or Common Stock Group, on the one hand, and the Liberty Group, on the other hand.
Consolidated Return Regulations shall govern the timing of the recognition of Tax Items of the members of the TCI Affiliated Group.