Definition of Taxation Authority

Taxation Authority means any domestic or foreign government, agency or authority that is entitled to impose Taxes or to administer any applicable Tax legislation.
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Taxation Authority means any taxing or other authority, whether of the United Kingdom or elsewhere, including the Board of the Inland Revenue and Customs.

Examples of Taxation Authority in a sentence

There are no outstanding rulings of, or requests for rulings by, any Taxation Authority addressed to the Company that are, or if issued would be, binding on the Company.
No notice, enquiry or adjustment has been made by any Taxation Authority in connection with any such transactions or arrangements.
No claim has ever been made by a Taxation Authority in a jurisdiction where the Company does not pay Tax or file Tax Returns that the Company is or may be subject to Taxes assessed by such jurisdiction.
The Company has not consented to extend the time in which any Tax may be assessed or collected by any Taxation Authority.
There is no action, suit, Taxation Authority proceeding, or audit with respect to any Tax now in progress, pending or, to the knowledge of the Company, threatened against or with respect to the Company.