Definition of Tax Rate

Tax Rate means, for any Fiscal Year, the sum of (i) the highest then marginal income tax rate for individual taxpayers as set forth in the IRC and (ii) the highest then marginal income tax rate for individual taxpayers in effect in the State of Delaware.

Tax Rate means forty percent (40%).

Examples of Tax Rate in a sentence

For the avoidance of doubt, the Assumed Tax Rate will be the same for all Partners.
The Tax Distributions payable with respect to any Fiscal Year shall be computed based upon the General Partners estimate of the allocable Net Taxable Income in accordance with Article V, multiplied by the Assumed Tax Rate (the Tax Amount).
A Participant may change the percentage rate in whole percentages up to the maximum permitted by the Plan or opt out of Automatic Pre-Tax Rate Escalation at any time in a manner designated by the Plan Administrator that is Properly Received.
Deductions for Pre-Tax Savings made pursuant to Automatic Enrollment are subject to Automatic Pre-Tax Rate Escalation whereby, providing the Participant has participated in the Plan at least ninety days, the Participants Pre-Tax Savings rate will be increased by one percent on each April 1 after his or her Participation Date until the Pre-Tax Savings rate attains a target rate of six percent of Eligible Compensation.
During any Auction Rate Period, the Company on behalf of the Authority shall provide the Trustee and, so long as no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing and the ownership of any Auction Rate Bonds is maintained in book-entry form by the Securities Depository, the Auction Agent, with notice of any change in (a) the Statutory Corporate Tax Rate under the Indenture, (b) the Applicable Percentage, or (c) the maximum rate permitted by law on the Bonds.