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Swim or “swimming” means to propel oneself in water by natural means, such as movement of limbs, and includes but is not limited to wading and the use of inner tubes or beach toy-type swimming aids.
Swim means Environment Canada’s Single Window Information Manager, which is a one- window secure online electronic data reporting system accessible at www.ghgreporting.gc.ca.
Swim means to swim, stand, wade or be in the river or use the river for any

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  • The Swim England Membership Department shall be informed should a member resign when still owing money or goods to the Club.

  • All persons who assist in any way with the Club’s activities shall become members of the Club and hence of Swim England and the relevant Swim England membership fee shall be paid.

  • The Club shall implement the Swim England Equality Policy (as may be amended from time to time).

  • The Club shall make an annual return to the Swim England Membership Department indicating whether or not an entry has been made in the prescribed online form.

  • This shall include the power to make such increase in the subscription as shall, where the Club pays the individual Swim England membership fees to Swim England on behalf of members, be consequential upon an increase in individual Swim England membership fees.

  • A President or Vice-President need not be a member of the Club on election but shall, ex officio, be an honorary member of the Club and must be included in the Club’s Annual Return of Members to Swim England.

  • The Executive Officers (or the Committee) shall have the power in special circumstances to remit the whole or part of the fees, including the Swim England membership fees, to address issues of social inclusion.

  • Assisting with the Club’s activities shall include, but not be restricted to, administrators, associate members, voluntary instructors, teachers and coaches, Committee members, helpers, Honorary members, life members, Officers, patrons, Presidents, technical and non-technical officials, temporary members, Vice Presidents and verifiers or tutors of Swim England’s educational certificates.

  • Paid instructors, teachers and coaches who are not members of the Club must be members of a body which accepts that its members are bound by Swim England’s Code of Ethics, Swim England Regulations relating to Wavepower, those parts of the Judicial Regulations and procedures necessary for their implementation and whilst engaged in activities under the jurisdiction of Swim England shall be subject to all the constraints and privileges of the Judicial Regulations.

  • Local Swim Committee, the regional governing body for USA Swimming.

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  • Lagoon means a naturally existing coastal zone depression which is below mean high water and which has permanent or ephemeral communications with the sea, but which is protected from the sea by some type of naturally existing barrier. [Section 373.403(16), F.S.]

  • Clean coal SNG facility means a facility that uses a

  • Marihuana facility means a location at which a licensee is licensed to operate under the medical marihuana facilities licensing act.

  • Airside means, generally, those areas of an Airport which requires a person to pass through a security checkpoint to access. References to "sterile areas" generally mean Airside areas within terminal buildings. References to "Airfield", "Aircraft Operations Area", "AOA", or "Secured areas" generally mean outdoor Airside areas or areas not accessible to passengers.

  • M2M Flowgate means Flowgates where constraints are jointly monitored and coordinated as defined and set forth in Schedule D to this Agreement.

  • Dairy farm means any place or premises where 1 or more dairy animals are kept for milking purposes, and from which a part or all of the milk is provided, sold, or offered for sale.

  • Raffle means a lottery in which the prize is won by (i) a random drawing of the name or

  • Facility component means any part of a facility, including equipment.

  • Pistol means a loaded or unloaded firearm that is 26 inches or less in length, or a loaded or unloaded firearm that by its construction and appearance conceals it as a firearm.

  • Clubhouse means a community-based program that provides

  • stacked townhouse means a building, other than a townhouse or apartment building, containing at least 3 dwelling units, each dwelling unit being separated from the other vertically and/or horizontally, and each dwelling unit having an entrance to grade shared with no more than 3 other units;

  • Flowgate means a representative modeling of facilities or groups of facilities that may act as potential constraint points.

  • Clean coal facility means an electric generating

  • GAC10 means granular activated carbon filter beds with an empty-bed contact time of 10 minutes based on average daily flow and a carbon reactivation frequency of every 180 days, except that the reactivation frequency for GAC10 used as a best available technology for compliance with MCLs under subsection shall be 120 days.

  • MDF means a Qwest distribution frame (e.g., COSMIC™ frame) used to connect Qwest cable pairs and line and trunk equipment terminals on a Qwest switching system. "Maintenance and Repair" involves the exchange of information between Carriers where one initiates a request for maintenance or repair of existing products and services or Unbundled Network Elements or combinations thereof from the other with attendant acknowledgments and status reports in order to ensure proper operation and functionality of facilities. "Maintenance of Service charge" is a Miscellaneous Charge that relates to trouble isolation work performed by Qwest. Basic Maintenance of Service charges apply when the Qwest technician performs work during standard business hours. Overtime Maintenance of Service charges apply when the Qwest technician performs work on a business day, but outside standard business hours, or on a Saturday. Premium Maintenance of Service charges apply when the Qwest technician performs work on either a Sunday or Qwest recognized holiday.

  • Centrex shall have the meaning set forth in Section

  • €STRi-pTBD means, in respect of any TARGET Business Day falling in the relevant Interest Accrual Period, the €STR for the TARGET Business Day falling “p” TARGET Business Days prior to the relevant TARGET Business Day “i”;

  • Digital Cross Connect System or "DCS" is a function which provides automated Cross Connection of Digital Signal Level 0 (DS0) or higher transmission bit rate digital channels within physical interface facilities. Types of DCS include but are not limited to DCS 1/0s, DCS 3/1s, and DCS 3/3s, where the nomenclature 1/0 denotes interfaces typically at the DS1 rate or greater with Cross Connection typically at the DS0 rate. This same nomenclature, at the appropriate rate substitution, extends to the other types of DCS specifically cited as 3/1 and 3/3. Types of DCS that cross connect Synchronous Transport Signal level 1 (STS-1 s) or other Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) signals (e.g., STS-3) are also DCS, although not denoted by this same type of nomenclature. DCS may provide the functionality of more than one of the aforementioned DCS types (e.g., DCS 3/3/1 which combines functionality of DCS 3/3 and DCS 3/1). For such DCS, the requirements will be, at least, the aggregation of requirements on the "component" DCS. In locations where automated Cross Connection capability does not exist, DCS will be defined as the combination of the functionality provided by a Digital Signal Cross Connect (DSX) or Light Guide Cross Connect (LGX) patch panels and D4 channel banks or other DS0 and above multiplexing equipment used to provide the function of a manual Cross Connection. Interconnection is between a DSX or LGX to a Switch, another Cross Connection, or other service platform device.

  • Waterway means any body of water.

  • SOFR means a rate equal to the secured overnight financing rate as administered by the SOFR Administrator.

  • Modular home means a modular unit as defined in Section 15A-1-302.

  • UAE means the United Arab Emirates.

  • Roomer means a person occupying a dwelling unit that lacks a major bathroom or kitchen facility, in a structure where one or more major facilities are used in common by occupants of the dwelling unit and other dwelling units. Major facility in the case of a bathroom means toilet, or either a bath or shower, and in the case of a kitchen means refrigerator, stove or sink.

  • Strip means to take off RACM from any part of a facility or facility components.

  • BRI ISDN provides a channel with 2-wire interfaces at each end that is suitable for the transport of 160 kbps digital services using the ISDN 2B1Q line code. This Loop type is more fully described in ANSI T1.601-1998 and Verizon TR 72575, (as revised from time-to-time. In some cases loop extension equipment may be necessary to bring the line loss within acceptable levels. Verizon will provide loop extension equipment only upon request. A separate charge will apply for loop extension equipment.

  • CDSL means Central Depository Services (India) Ltd.