Sterile definition

Sterile means a preparation that has undergone a valid sterilization process and is devoid of all living microorganisms, packagedin such a way to ensure the retention of this characteristic.
Sterile in this context means the absence of viable organisms, including viruses.

Examples of Sterile in a sentence

  • The Sterile Processing Technician will provide an educational pathway for those seeking the opportunity to work in the sterile processing core of a surgical department.

  • Similarly, 83% of the employers responded that the hiring prospects for someone who completes a Sterile Processing Technician diploma or certification was extremely likely.

  • Kudos to committee member Catherine Cone: presenter at 2014 NMSHP Balloon Fiesta Symposium (Compounding Sterile Preparations – Learning from Past Mistakes to Prevent Future Ones-A review of USP <797> (PowerPoint slides available at NMSHP website under Balloon Fiesta Symposium schedule) 2.

  • To mitigate the risks to crop production and the environment posed by exotic or alien invasive insects, the programme will assist in the use of Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) and other biological control methods by providing standard operation procedures for rearing and sterilization of target species.

  • The Hospital will supply uniforms in Sterile Processing Department, Housekeeping, Nutrition and Food Services and the Renal Program.

More Definitions of Sterile

Sterile means free from bacteria or other living microorganisms.
Sterile means being free from all living microorganisms.
Sterile means commercially sterile.
Sterile means free from all germs; sterilization is the most effective level of decontamination, involving the removal of all bacterial life from
Sterile means free from all germs; sterilization is the most effective level of decontamination and involves the removal of all bacterial life from a surface. This is the level of decontamination required for tools and surfaces in hospital surgeries. Hospitals use steam autoclaves to heat instruments to a very high temperature. Many salons are investing in autoclaves to reinsure clients that their safety is the number one priority.
Sterile means that any E8 Media described as Sterile has been manufactured in compliance with medical device QSRs through aseptic processing to a sterility assurance level of 10-3.