State Vaccine Network definition

State Vaccine Network means all the Vaccine Providers contracted by Blue Shield pursuant to this Agreement to provide vaccine administration and related services to residents of the State of California, as well as the Designated Providers.

Examples of State Vaccine Network in a sentence

Blue Shield will promptly notify the Agency regarding Blue Shield’s selection of Vaccine Providers to be offered Model Contracts for participation in the State Vaccine Network.

Kaiser Foundation Hospitals may participate in the State Vaccine Network.

Blue Shield will recommend for adoption by the Agency, an algorithm to guide the prioritization of appointments at State Vaccine Network vaccine sites, taking into account factors such as demographic characteristics, and geographic needs.

Blue Shield will work with Vaccine Providers to develop capacity within the State Vaccine Network for the identification of at-risk patients and vaccination of such patients in their homes.

Schedule A Network Performance Criteria for State Vaccine Network CategoryPerformance Criteria Definition 1 For purposes of the Access goals, the Network Performance Criteria will be measured based on vaccinations performed through the State Vaccine Network in combination with vaccinations performed through any federally administered and county administered vaccination programs.