State Political Party Committee definition

State Political Party Committee means a committee organized pursuant to N.J.S.A. 19:5-4.

Examples of State Political Party Committee in a sentence

  • ABC, with the support of his parents, appeals to this Court with the permission of this Court granted on 27 June 2019.

  • Example: X State Political Party Committee wants to support its candidates in the General Election.

  • Example 1: Sean stuffed envelopes for State Political Party Committee X.

  • This may result in altering mechanism of knee forces induced due to weakness at the functional hip.

  • In June, State Political Party Committee X pays its consultant, Jimmy’s Consulting, $200 to purchase more signs.

  • State Political Party Committee X will report an expenditure in May for $150 to Signs-4-U and an expenditure in June for $200 to Signs-4-U.

  • Example 2: X State Political Party Committee is hosting an auction to raise funds and is accepting items from the surrounding community to action.

  • Our own sense was that a rather large cohort of people has been applying, and probably revising orextending, a set of theoretical and methodological ideas hammered out some time ago, but that there has been little overt collaborative forward movement at the level of method.

  • On the other hand, whether, for example, an item of data in a database has any meaning for a specific individual, team or organization, depends on the alignment between the data structure and the cognitive schema of the individual, team or organization.

  • This is a monetary contribution to State Political Party Committee X and must be reported as such.

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  • Political party committee means a political committee formed by a political party organization

  • County Political Party Committee means a committee organized pursuant to N.J.S.A. 19:5-3.

  • Municipal Political Party Committee means a committee organized pursuant to N.J.S.A. 19:5-2.

  • Political party means an organization of registered voters that has qualified to

  • Political action committee or “PAC” means an organization whose purpose is to solicit and make Political Contributions.

  • Political fundraising committee means a "political fundraising committee" as defined in MCC Ch. 2-156, as amended.

  • Minor political party means a political party qualified to have its name listed on the general election ballot but that does not qualify as a major political party.

  • Political committee means any committee, club, association, or other group of

  • Major political party means either of the two registered political parties that

  • Registered political party means an organization of voters that:

  • Party committee means any committee organized by or authorized by the

  • Political organization means a party, committee, association, fund, or other organization (whether or not incorporated) that is required to file a statement of organization with the State Board of Elections or a county clerk under Section 9-3 of the Election Code (10 ILCS 5/9-3), but only with regard to those activities that require filing with the State Board of Elections or a county clerk.

  • Continuing political committee means a political committee

  • School District Official For the purposes of this Agreement and pursuant to 34 CFR 99.31 (B) and Wis. Stat. § 118.125(2)(d), a School District Official is a contractor that: (1) Performs an institutional service or function for which the agency or institution would otherwise use employees; (2) Is under the direct control of the agency or institution with respect to the use and maintenance of education records; and (3) Is subject to 34 CFR 99.33(a) and Wis. Stat. § 118.125(2) governing the use and re-disclosure of personally identifiable information from student records. Student Data: Student Data includes any data, whether gathered by Provider or provided by LEA or its users, students, or students’ parents/guardians, that is descriptive of the student including, but not limited to, information in the student’s educational record or email, first and last name, home address, telephone number, email address, or other information allowing online contact, discipline records, videos, test results, special education data, juvenile dependency records, grades, evaluations, criminal records, medical records, health records, social security numbers, biometric information, disabilities, socioeconomic information, food purchases, political affiliations, religious information text messages, documents, student identifies, search activity, photos, voice recordings or geolocation information. Student Data shall constitute Pupil Records for the purposes of this Agreement, and for the purposes of Wisconsin and federal laws and regulations. Student Data as specified in Exhibit “B” is confirmed to be collected or processed by the Provider pursuant to the Services. Student Data shall not constitute that information that has been anonymized or deidentified, or anonymous usage data regarding a student’s use of Provider’s services. SDPC (The Student Data Privacy Consortium): Refers to the national collaborative of schools, districts, regional, territories and state agencies, policy makers, trade organizations and marketplace providers addressing real-world, adaptable, and implementable solutions to growing data privacy concerns.

  • Local political subdivision means a county, municipal corporation, township, conservancy district, soil and water conservation district, joint recreation district, park district, or other similar park authority.

  • Educational organization means a nonprofit public or private elementary or

  • Political Event shall have the meaning set forth in Clause 21.4;

  • Political subdivision means a city, village, town or county.

  • Michigan economic growth authority means the Michigan economic growth authority created in the Michigan economic growth authority act, 1995 PA 24, MCL 207.801 to 207.810.

  • District Level Anti-Ragging Committee means the Committee, headed by the District Magistrate, constituted by the State Government, for the control and elimination of ragging in institutions within the jurisdiction of the district.

  • Non-Political Event shall have the meaning set forth in Clause 21.2;

  • Political Subdivisions means cities, counties, and educational institutions.

  • District Evaluation Advisory Committee means a group created to oversee and guide the planning and implementation of the Board of Education's evaluation policies and procedures as set forth in N.J.A.C. 6A:10-2.3.

  • Sub-Committee means a committee of a committee created by the board.

  • Personal campaign committee means the committee appointed by a candidate to act for the candidate as provided in this chapter.