State-owned enterprise definition

State-owned enterprise means an enterprise, including any subsidiary, in which a Party, directly or indirectly:
State-owned enterprise means, with respect to Breach of Contract only, an entity (other than a public or regulatory authority):
State-owned enterprise means an entity that is named in Schedule 1 to the State-owned Enterprises Governance Act, 2006 (Act No. 2 of 2006);

More Definitions of State-owned enterprise

State-owned enterprise means a corporation, board, company, parastatal or other body in which the Government has direct or indirect ownership, equity or interest and includes a partnership, joint venture or any other form of business arrangement or organisation in which the Government has direct or indirect interest, but does not include a Government ministry or department;
State-owned enterprise means a company, corporation or other entity in which the State -
State-owned enterprise means any enterprise involved in a commercial activity over which a Party at central or sub‑central level directly or indirectly owns more than 50 % of the enterprise’s subscribed capital or of the votes attached to the shares issued by the enterprise;
State-owned enterprise means the entity, which is performing a public service or fulfilling a governmental function in the Host Country and is under the Control of the Host Government, that is specifically designated in Clause 1B of the Special Conditions.
State-owned enterprise means an enterprise that is principally engaged in commercial activities in which a Party:
State-owned enterprise means an entity whether or not incorporated under company law, being–
State-owned enterprise means any enterprise involved in a